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Increase volume and tonnage with Hyva’s new Long Series hookloaders

Hyva has further extended its range of hookloaders with its new Titan Long Series which is specially designed and built for customers in search for increased capacity in combination with more efficiency and cost-effective operations.

These new hookloaders, which can carry larger volumes and tonnages, are ideal for long distance transportation and have been extensively field tested by several customers throughout the world, in various agricultural, semi-trailer and truck applications.

Titan Long Series hookloaders will be introduced with 26- and 30-ton capacities, and system lengths of 7.5 to 8.0 meters. With these system lengths, containers that measure up to 9 metres in length and 57 m3 in capacity can be easily transported. And, with a special rear bumper, these systems can transport containers up to 10 metres in length and 63 m3. in capacity. To improve stability during loading and unloading, and to lower the pick-up angle, the system is provided with a knuckle (articulated) hook mast.

When mounted into a trailer, behind a tractor or in a semi-trailer behind a truck, these hookloaders have a lower overall build-up height which results in a higher overall cubic capacity, increased payload and less frontal surface which can reduce fuel costs and CO2 emissions. The lower centre of gravity also ensures better stability when driving on rough terrain. The Long Series hookloader can be used with a range of application specific containers, for example for sand, harvested crops, waste or liquid or solid fertilisers. Increased capacity, better stability and flexibility of container type all contribute to more efficient and cost-effective operations.

In these Long Series hookloaders, all Hyva options are available for actuation of the hookloader. With a basic specification the hookloader is actuated directly from the tractor or truck. Other options include wet kits, pneumatic valves, electro/hydraulic systems and radio remote controls. These more advanced options facilitate operation at higher pressures for increased working speeds and heavy-duty conditions.

“With this long 26- & 30-tons capacity range, Hyva completes its best-in-class Titan hookloader equipment range. Our engineers and customers worked closely together resulting in a product we and our customers are very proud of. With this new capacity range Hyva is ready to face the challenge on increased volume and tonnage resulting in higher profits per payload and lower carbon-dioxide emissions,” explained Arjo Oosterveld, Global Sales Support Manager Container Handling.

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