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ALPHA Series

A revolutionary step in the industry

It allows an increase in the tipping capacity of the overall system, but also revision of the sizes and diameters of the cylinders used at the higher-pressure standards. In many cases, we are able to reduce cylinder sizes to better match the application.

Although best-in-class materials had already been used in the previous generation, they were revised and upgraded to manage higher pressure and meet safety standards.


Improved for efficiency and durability

Alpha uses top-quality DOM tubes, spring steel stop rings, and cast steel sliders to work with high speed and pressure applications of 250bar. Every single cylinder is pressure tested at 313bar before leaving the production plant. All other Alpha components such as pumps, valves, hoses and couplings were also redesigned to perform safely at this new pressure standard.

Better match of the cylinder size with much higher tipping capacity immediately resulted in a smaller amount of oil needed in the system and a smaller oil tank – so the overall weight is reduced. Each component was revised to make it lighter and perform better with the higher safety factor. The cumulative weight saving, across all Alpha components, is nearly 30%! 

A new tank concept was also introduced with multiple spy eyes to optimize the oil capacity in the system for a given application and cylinder size. This results in weight, oil and cost-saving. Redesigned Alpha tanks are the most efficient from the volumetric point of view to assure the smallest tank size ratio versus working oil capacity.

All the weight saving efforts have a clear goal – to increase the payload of the vehicle and to reduce the fuel consumption when driving unloaded. Such advantage is pure added value and has a noticeable impact on overall profitability. 

Higher speed, shorter tipping cycle

Although the previous generation of cylinders had already been designed for high speed, Alpha went even further.

The stop and lift rings are made of high tensile spring steel to allow higher extension and retracting speeds without reducing the lifetime of the cylinder.


The oil flow channels and sealing system were also modified to match this new speed standard. Along with the cylinder itself, the complete tipping hydraulic system was optimized so that all components perform in a quicker way. This starts with the Alpha gear pump range, which has to generate high flow at 250bar and at high drive PTO speed. This pump range is the most robust and the lightest high-pressure pump range on the market. 

Hyva tipping valves with 220L/min have always excelled in flow capability, but with Alpha generation, the flow was optimized even further to reduce the tipping cycle and reduce the backpressure in the system. This reduces load on the pump – lower fuel consumption and less wear of the pump. But the biggest change was to develop a Hyva HT version to be mounted directly on the cylinder. This has tremendous advantages, first of all the ‘brain’ of the system is in the place where the main action is, it can quickly react to the dynamic situations in the tipping cylinder, and, contribute to more fluent cylinder operation and overall safety. It also acts as a hose burst valve in case the feeding hose gets damaged. 

Efficiency not only relates to operation of a tipping system, but also to installation and maintenance. 

All components were also analyzed from this point of view to make sure that the installation time is reduced to a minimum.

Alpha return filter range was also optimized to accommodate higher flow rates. Today, these filters are capable of a nominal flow of 250L/min which considerably reduces the lowering time. 

Hoses and adaptors were all revised to handle 250bar and high flow rates. These smaller items are very often underestimated but are critical for safety and performance. In the Alpha version, with modifications implemented, they contribute to efficiency increase.

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