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Front-End Cylinders

Hyva, worldwide leader in front-end cylinders

Our Front-End cylinders have earned a worldwide reputation for their durability and reliability in all conditions. Leader in the production of telescopic tipping cylinders, Hyva designs and manufactures an extensive and tailor-made range from 5 to 100 tons. Hyva's innovative design, with low oil volume for faster tipping, engineered the lightest cylinder in the industry.

At Hyva we believe in delivering a solution that can successfully meet your requirements, beyond simply delivering a cylinder.

Our catalogue showcases a diversity of front-end cylinders with a wide range capacity, over 100 tons tipping weight, to ensure the best performance in any operation.

FC: front-end cylinder with outer cover, this range consists of cylinders with a first stage diameter of 110 to 226 mm and a stroke ranging from 3100 to 9530. Read more

FC Heavy Dutyprimarily designed for straight headboard types with a capacity range of over 100 tons tipping weight. Read more

FE: front-end cylinder with piston eye, this range brings reduced weight and faster tipping to on-road rigids and (semi-) trailers. The standard FE cylinders diameter varies from 110 to 226 and the stroke ranges from 2785 to 9030. Read more

FE Heavy Duty: strong and stable, the Hyva FE Heavy Duty cylinder ranges up to over 100 tons. Read more

FEEfront-end cylinder with piston eye, bottom eye and pin type connection, for easy installation and side load resistance at an increased working pressure of 250 bars. Read more

FEE Heavy Dutythe standard range consists of cylinders with a first stage diameter from 110 to 226 and a stroke ranging from 2785 to 9030. Read more

FSE: front-end cylinder with piston eye and bottom eye, generally used when the headboard is slanted (angled). Tippers with sloping headboard generally are fitted with an FSE cylinder. Read more

FSE Heavy Dutycharacterized by its high durability, the FSE Heavy Duty cylinders offer an increased operating time while ensuring optimal tipping for trucks. Read more


Cost effective applications with increased payloads

Logistics and transportation

Easily customised, our Front-End cylinders are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of logistics and transportation applications with maximum efficiency and extreme reliability. 


Robust and cost-effective, Hyva cylinders ensure maximum performance and more payload in a stronger package. Hyva technology is widely known in the mining industry for its tailored solutions, capable of fulfilling different operational needs in the toughest application environments.


Maximum payload with improved safety and performance are at the core of our Front-End cylinders, suitable for long-haul transportation. Characterized by a lower oil and fuel consumption, these environmental friendly cylinders also represent a cost effective solution for construction.