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Electric power demonstrated with the new Hyva KENNIS e-Power crane

KENNIS, a Hyva crane brand with a long heritage in the Transportation and Construction sectors, has introduced the new Hyva KENNIS e-Power rolloader crane, featuring an electric powertrain, rather than a conventional diesel powertrain.

On this crane, the electric engine unit is comprised of a battery pack, an electric motor, and a smart electronic control system which optimises power supply and allows the batteries to be re-charged while the vehicle is in motion. This electric system means that the crane can be operated when the truck engine is switched off. e-Power packages will be available in both light-duty and heavy-duty versions, each with stationary plug-in charging solution and stationary with on-road charging options

Electric power, rather than conventional diesel power, offers considerable additional benefits including improved energy efficiency and lower environmental impact – no exhaust fume emissions and lower noise levels. It also provides a much healthier working environment for crane operators as they no longer need to work with the noise and exhaust fumes from a diesel engine.

The electric crane solution is ideal for urban areas. E-Power will help meet increasingly demanding environmental regulations, and, for the customer there are direct tax benefits in some countries, such as the Netherlands.

Hyva’s electric initiative recognises customer demand for electrically operated vehicles and is responding to increasingly strict environmental regulation on diesel exhaust emissions and noise pollution.

The new Hyva KENNIS e-Power crane (16-R) was well received at Bauma 2019 and was the star attraction of the KENNIS display at the 25th anniversary event of JKB Transporttechniek BV, one of Hyva’s long term partners in the Netherlands.

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