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Hyva is known worldwide as a manufacturer of telescopic cylinders. However - in some applications - the principle of the horizontal loading and unloading is preferred. Hyva offers the best solutions for vechicles loading and unloading.


Advantages of the horizontal loading/unloading when using HYVAFLOOR system: 
  • no danger of truck rollover, regardless to ground conditions and wind strength,
  • tractor and trailer are not suppose to be placed in a straight line to obtain sufficient stability,
  • ideal for bulk materials with a low specific gravity due to the compression effect (up to 30%) at a load,
  • up to 100 m3 of loose load can be transported,
  • adapted for buildings with a small height.

How does it work?

Trailer floor consists of a number of moving planks, which are divided into groups. Each group consists of three planks: labeled A, B and C. All plans marked with the same letter (A, or B, or C), are driven simultaneously.

Stage 1: 
The first set of planks (A) moves, other boards (B and C) stand still, cargo does not move.
Stage 2: 
The second set of planks (B) moves, other boards (A and C) stand still, cargo does not move. 
Stage 3: 
The last set of planks (C) moves, other boards (A and B) stand still, cargo does not move.       
Stage 4: 
All the planks move together (A and B and C), now the load is moving in the direction of the planks movement.


Solutions for Industries

  • Waste
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Marine

Product Solutions

  • Hydraulics
  • Container Handling
  • Cranes
  • Moving Floors

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