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New electronic platform for Hyva cranes complies with European Standards to assure safety and performance


We are delighted to announce that all Hyva Cranes for CE markets are now fully compliant with European Standards EN12999:2020 and EN 13849* for a higher level of safety and performance in crane controls.

This has been achieved through a completely new electronic platform, which with new ergonomics, precision calculation software, clear displays, controls and top component reliability, delivers higher safety levels for the operator.


This new platform underpins all Hyva cranes and the 5-step modular selection creates an environment in which every customer can specify the crane(s) best suited to their needs.

  • Step 1 - the selection of the product line and model with the required lifting capacity, from 1 to 85tm
  • Step 2 - the crane control system – to control stability and slewing with a stability logic which computes all stability conditions and enables safe movements
  • Step 3 - the human-machine interface – LED panel, intelligent display or smart top monitor – is available as standard or as an option across the ranges. Each gives the operator an excellent overview of operations.
  • Step 4 - the choice of manual or remote controls – single hand (Hetronic), LCD (Hetronic or Scanreco) or graphic (Hetronic).
  • Step 5 - the selection of accessories from a wide range of options, including jib, oil cooler, winch and stand up platform.


Performance and safety are also improved through service initiatives such as Connectivity 4.0 (web access to crane data, status, position and analytics) and CUST (a software that can be used on every crane for installation, service, crane calibration, troubleshooting & maintenance).

As we celebrate these improvements, we are not resting, but working on more game changing innovations such as systems for automatic levelling (ALS), automatic stabilizer activation (OAD), and, verified cane lifting capacity based on truck stability (DLD).

We are proud to promote safety and performance in our cranes through compliance with these new European Standards.
Davide Catellani

“We are proud to promote safety and performance in our cranes through compliance with these new European Standards,” said Davide Catellani, LoB Director Cranes. “And, the modularity of our crane builds ensures that we can always supply a crane to match each customer’s requirements.”


  • EN12999 specifies minimum requirements for design, calculation, examinations and tests of hydraulic powered loader cranes and their mountings on vehicles or static foundations. 
  • EN13849 relates to safety of machinery and electrical engineering, in particular, safety-related parts of control systems.

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