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Hyva is proud to launch our new Drawbar Couplings and Fifth Wheel Couplings

Innovative towing solutions with smart and compact design

Hyva is proud to announce the addition of towing devices to its product portfolio. Hyva Drawbar Couplings and Fifth Wheel Couplings were launched and on display at IAA Transportation in Hanover, Germany.

Drawbar Couplings

Hyva’s new JK Series Drawbar Couplings, connecting a towing vehicle with trailer, deliver durability, safety, easy access, and low replacement costs.
The JK Series comprises several models, including:

- JK50-C7
- JK50-C7 P
- JK50-C9 S
- JK50-C9 P
- JK51-C9 S
- JK51-C9 P

All models are approved according to the UN Regulation ECE R55-02.
The range will be extended with additional models, such as the JK40-C5 S & JK40-C5 P, in due course.

Hyva coupling has a smart and compact design with maxed out ground clearance which minimizes the risk of coupling collision with the ground. It also makes it easier to use the coupling even in the most demanding vehicle designs, especially in the presence of additional equipment such as tail lifts. The compact and solid construction provides high resistance to damage and exceptional durability of wearing parts.
The coupling jaw is a separate element that rotates independently of the coupling core and mechanism. Its main task is to make it easier to guide the drawbar eye on the coupling pin. The coupling will remain 100% operational, even if the coupling jaw is skewed or broken, as all the key safety parts of the coupling are located elsewhere.
Smart design means that the key components for the coupling – the lower spring and the coupling mechanism – are well protected and secured; and less vulnerable to damage even in drastic situations like rear of the vehicle hitting the ground or drawbar eye missing the jaw.
FCDP system protects the coupling mechanism against drawbar eye impacts. The most important part is a suitably profiled armor thickening on the front of the mechanism cover. The mechanism box is closed, so it is less likely that dirt from the road will get into the mechanism, increasing its lifetime significantly.
The jewel in the crown of the coupling mechanism is the safety device, which is built-in from the inside of the mechanism box, so it cannot fall out.
The rotating coupling pin is worn evenly on all sides. This, compared to a non-rotating pin, extends the service life of this element by 50-70%.

Watch the animation video on Drawbar Couplings:

Fifth Wheel Couplings

Hyva’s new Fifth Wheel Couplings, connecting a towing vehicle with semitrailer, are more reliable with a high strength integrated robust casting top plate, higher vertical load, stronger loading capacity and high safety performance.

With the lightest weight available in the market, the fifth wheel helps reduce vehicle weight and increase load capacity. Other cost-efficient features include different heights pedestal to match different application requirements, and, a simpler external pivot bearing structure which is more convenient for maintenance.
The Fifth Wheels family comprises two models, a standard version and a low maintenance, grease free version. Both models are approved according to the UN Regulation ECE R55-02.

There was one goal – to develop couplings that would respond to the most important needs of the market.
Christoph Ulbrich

"These state-of-the-art products have been delivered by an experienced Hyva team, led by Angelo Inverardi, one of the most experienced designers of towing devices.” explained Christoph Ulbrich, Line of Business Director, Transport & Logistic Components. “The project also involved sales and after-sales specialists with many years of experience in servicing all customer groups: OEM, body builders, workshops, retailers and end users. There was one goal – to develop couplings that would respond to the most important needs of the market. We know that we have designed a great product, and we are ready to launch it."

Watch the video on fifth wheel couplings:

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