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HYVA offers a full range of pneumatic controllers for the PTO and for valves.

A new generation of standard pneumatic air controllers has been upgraded by following enhancements:

  • smaller and narrower size (H x D x W = 146 x 66 x 68),
  • easy to install,
  • new design allows to lock lever in the end position,
  • a PTO control switch is integrated with control light.
Installation kit allows for efficient installation on any vehicle type. It is designed for current, as well as for previous HYVA air controls.


Multi-sectional pneumatic controllers

Multi-sectional controllers are used to control number of functions, such as opening of the rear door and hook lift controlling. HYVA offers set of controllers that can be scaled by the required number of control sections. It allows to adapt the air control system to  the needs of controlled device.

Download catalogue in PDF: List of controllers + accessories



HYVA is manufacturer of high-pressure and low-pressure hoses. They are available in several options with different diameters, types of threads and values of operating pressures.


*Hose description explanation:

HP - - 16 - - 2500 - - 00 - - 90
HP: high pressure the code of the diameter length in mm connector type -
00: straight
connector type -
90: angle 90º


 Suction hoses


Suction hoses are used to connect hydraulic oil tank with a pump.

Download catalogue in PDF: List of hoses + accessories



Quick release couplings are used for fast connection of hydraulic system with peripheral devices such as i.e. cylinders on the trailers. It allows to use the tractor to work with several trailers, allowing for easy connection/disconnection.
The quick release coupling screwed type is offered as a standard by HYVA. It is designed to work in difficult conditions, providing integrity and reliability. Coupling structure is resistant to dirt due to internal non-return valves protection against damage. It also eliminates the damping rate.

In order to protect the systems, Hyva Poland recommends using 2-way hydraulic circuits. Quick release coupling size ¾” on a pressure side and  1" on the return line. It eliminates possibility of mistakes in a system connection.

Download catalogue in PDF: List of QR couplings + accessories




HYVA is a manufacturer of high quality hydraulic seals for hydraulic systems operating at high pressures. They consist of two elements:

  • galvanized steel ring, aimed at preventing the ejection of the rubber seal under the influence of applied pressure,
  • rubber ring, which is the sealing.

Pressure range of connections based on the HYVA seals is proportional to the operational range of the HP hoses used in these systems (max. 310 bar).

Dwonload catalogue in PDF: List of seals




HYVA is a manufacturer of high-quality parts to perform the most demanding hydraulic systems. Considering high operating system pressures, we recommend use of high pressure adapters in the pressure lines. Most of the high pressure adapters has a cone, which eliminates usage  of additional sealing elements. Used technology is based on sealing metal-to-metal connection with the cone of 600 degrees.

High-pressure adapters

Straight adapter


Swivel adapters

Straight swivel adapter

90º swivel adapter


Tee with male thread Tee with female thread


Adapters with male/female tread


Low-pressure adapters

HYVA manufacturers suction adapters, enabling connection of the oli tank to the hydraulic oil pump by a suction hose. Suction adapters have threaded connection on the one site, while on the other cylindrical end. It slips in to the suction hose, which is clamped by a tie.

Angular hose pillars


Straight hose pillars

Download catalogue in PDF: List of adapters; Accessories




HYVA offers oil filters for the hydraulic kits mounted on the oil tank or on the frame of the vehicle, depending on the specifications of the hydraulic system. Filters recommended by our company are characterized by high efficiency and relatively long life time. Oil filters used in the systems allow for safe and long-term operation of the equipment used in hydraulic systems, as well as for extended usage of hydraulic oil.

Return filter mounted on the tank
Part number  147 80 306
Nominal flow  150 L/min
Peak flow 300 L/min
Pressure by - pass 1.2 bar
Collapse  pressure element  10 bar
Filter element 25 µm (nominal)
ß35 = 20
Temperature range: -25 do 110°C

External oil filter type MPS fitted on the vehicle frame
Part number :14896102 or 14780021
Filter element 25 µm (nominal)
Nominal flow 150 L/min
Peak flow 300 L/min


HYVA recommends use of the air filter No: 081 02 116, which avoids entry of contaminants from the ambient to the tank during system operation.
Filter action : 10 µm
Filter capacity: 1350 L/min
Temperature range: -40 do 100°C
Maximum filling quantity: 40 L/min


Download catalogue in PDF: List of filters


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