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Operating, safety and performance gains with the new Hyva slideKAP

Hyva slideKAP is a new automatic tarpaulin system designed for use on tipper bodies – both rigid tippers and semi-trailer tippers. The system is customized for each individual tipper body, ensuring the perfect fit and efficient operation in every situation.

Hyva slideKAP helps secure the tipper load against the weather, accidental loss or tampering. It also improves driver safety and working conditions – the tarpaulin can be easily operated from ground level via a remote control from up to 50 metres.

Compatible with almost every tipper, Hyva slideKAP offers fast opening and closing on special sliders delivering deployment and retraction times of less than 30 seconds. When open, it is very compact, maintaining a large loading space. And, with the tarpaulin deployed, the tipper body has a more aerodynamic shape which can contribute to lower fuel consumption.

“This is a great value add for almost any tipper,” said Christoph Ulbrich, Sales Director Truck & Trailer Products“The operating, safety and performance benefits, together with a competitive price, will make this a very attractive proposition to many truck owners and operators. And, it looks great – a very clean and professional finish to any vehicle load!”

Customers can choose from a wide range of options:

  • manual or electric drive with remote control 
  • various bow heights (300mm, 400mm, 500mm or 600mm)
  • standard tarpaulin or heat resistant material for asphalt transport (neoprene or special two-layer insulated tarpaulin)
  • tarpaulin weight of 680 g/m2 or 900 g/m2
  • Z’ profile side locking system or special hooks
  • rear closing in the form of rolled tarpaulin with springs, or, semi- or fully automatic door

For any questions related to Hyva slideKAP please contact:

Christoph Ulbrich
Sales Director Truck & Trailer Products
+49 173 6045986