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KH-KIPPER, the first bodybuilder in Europe to introduce Hyva Smart Guide - Tipping Guidance System

This year, Hyva started selling and promoting Hyva Smart Guide, the first Tipping Guidance System (TGS), a connected, sensor-based system coupled with a cloud platform, adding intelligence to tipping vehicles to give operators and fleet managers unparalleld insight in their tippers.

Hyva’s Smart Guide will lead to safer and more efficient tipping operations by providing key data to both the operator and fleet manager.

“We were the first bodybuilder in Europe to introduce Hyva’s Smart Guide and are very pleased with its performance. It is now our standard offer and already in use by several of our customers,” commented Andrzej Kamionka, CEO of KH-KIPPER.

The work of construction or mine tipper trucks is very demanding in terms of safety. In addition, unpaved and uneven terrain in which such equipment works daily, creates a risk of overturning the vehicle during unloading. Hyva Smart Guide is designed, to increase the safety of the driver and people in the area of working vehicles, and to optimize the loading and unloading process. The system provides operators real, data-driven, insights into the inclination of their truck, the load in the body, and critical safety warnings. With the launch of this system, Hyva is bringing a new wave of electronically enhanced Tipping Solutions to the market solidifying its position as a market leader in safe and efficient tipping. Besides these core functions, Hyva Smart Guide also offers a variety of maintenance counters and indicators as well as other functionalities.

Coupled with the Hyva Smart system, Hyva is offering a Tipper Fleet Management System (Cloud FMS). This intelligent SaaS platform allows fleet managers to control and optimize the fleet's activities by collecting data on tipper trucks, for example by tracking KPI’s like load moved, average tipping time, trips made, and more. Fleet managers can monitor where their tippers are located using the geo tracking functionality and can even get warnings if trucks enter or leave a zone (geofencing). Over time, more data analysis will be added to provide even better insights, tailored to the need of the fleet manager in order to get the most out of their investment.

“The Hyva Smart system undoubtedly increases tipper safety in mines and at construction sites, and is proving to be very popular with our customers,” concluded Andrej Kamionka.