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Hyva’s telescopic front end cylinders are designed for dump trucks and tipping semitrailers. Our tipping cylinders have earned their reputation for reliability and value for money over many years with hundreds of thousands cylinders working around the world, in all weather conditions, confirming Hyva as the world leader in the production of telescopic cylinders.
Production facilities in five different locations around the world allow us to respond quickly to market demands. With fully owned sales offices in each continent and a strong distribution network of dealers, Hyva is the number one supplier for truck hydraulics in the world.
Front end cylinders are the best choice for rear-end tippers and tipper trailers. Hyva offers the strongest cylinder for this application. Our balanced design with lower oil volume allows faster tipping and results in the lightest cylinder in the business.
Alpha Series – lighter, faster, safer and more efficient -    www.alphatippingsolutions.com
The new Alpha Series, the fifth generation of front end tipping solutions brought to the tipper truck market by Hyva over a period of three decades, will extend and consolidate Hyva’s record of innovation and leadership in tipping solutions.
The complete hydraulic kit – cylinder and wet kit – delivers higher transport efficiency and safer operating at lower cost in the Construction, Transportation and Mining market segments.
In this new tipping solution:
  • A totally new hydraulic cylinder design includes changes to virtually every component apart from the sealing system.
  • New cylinder diameters have been added to the range at 118, 137, 157 and 179mm.
  • Brackets are stronger, lighter and can be maintenance free.
  • Wet kits have improved knock-off and control options, cylinder mounted tipping valves, new tank and filter options, and, pumps operating at up to 250 bar.
  • The range comprises Standard and Heavy Duty (HD) cylinders.
  • The cylinders are smaller, lighter, stronger, operate at higher pressure and consume less oil
These improvements deliver faster tipping, shorter cycle times and reduced system size and weight which can translate into more efficient working routines, increased payloads and reduced operating costs. Smaller space installations, quick connections of valves, cylinders and hoses, maintenance free seals and longer service intervals all contribute to lower levels of downtime.
Safety is enhanced through re-designed cylinder overlaps and guide systems and new cylinder mounted HT tipping valves with new pressure relief safety. These features reduce the risks of vehicle turnovers and hose bursts. The operator has complete control over the tipping system.
Reliability has been improved through a programme of review of every single component. Where necessary, components have been re-designed and then tested to satisfy the required lifetime of that component.
Environmental performance too is improved through lower fuel and oil consumption. 
Benefits of Hyva cylinders:
  • Lighter, lower dead weight, extra payload
  • Wider range, ‘right size’ cylinder, extra payload
  • Faster tipping and lowering, shorter cycle times, extra trips
  • Safer and more reliable, reduced downtime
  • Oil and fuel savings, improved environmental performance
  • More efficient, can reduce operating costs
Use Hyva cylinders and you will benefit from innovative solutions which have been developed and tested around the world, over many years.
More on Alpha Series: www.alphatippingsolutions.com 



Hyva Alpha Series is a complete kit – cylinder and wetkit – delivering maximum performance at minimum weight and with the shortest possible tipping cycle. Hyva hydraulic systems are a collection of high-quality, durable components that will work with every type of truck and are able to meet the toughest applications.
Each of the hydraulic systems for tipping consists of a number of vital components, selected and assembled according to the requirements of each specific application: operating pressure (cylinder, valve, pump), flow (pump, valve, hoses, adapters), cylinder capacity (oil tank volume), type of vehicle, type of gear box, type of PTO, torque of PTO, direction of PTO rotation, tipping time, the position on the vehicle for individual elements, the system efficiency, control system and other extra functions.
Use Hyva hydraulics and you will keep operating costs to a minimum.
More on Alpha Series: www.alphatippingsolutions.com 



The Hyva range of telescopic underbody solutions comprises light, medium and heavy series with 1-38 ton tipping capacity and strokes up to 4 metres to meet all underbody tipping demands. There is a wet kit available to suit each tipping requirement.
Hyva’s underbody solutions are ideal for applications requiring side tipping, for tipper crane combinations and for agricultural solutions. 

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