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Tipper Truck of the Year award for Hyva in Russia

At the beginning of August 2020, in Moscow, at one of the main events for the construction industry, the leading OEMs in Russia – Scania and MAN – competed for the Truck of the Year award.

Two of the competing tipper truck systems, both of which included Hyva hydraulics, were:

  • Scania tipper model P440B8X8HZ with a Becema ‘Format’ tipping body and Hyva hydraulics

  • MAN tipper model TGS 41.440 8×4 BB-WW with an innovative body design by Grunwald (Gr.M20-SB-SS), and state-of-the-art tipper hydraulics from Hyva which combine a hydraulic cylinder and a smart monitoring tool, Hyva SMART. This system provides constant monitoring of key parameters during tipping operations – load weight, roll angle, number of lifting cycles, cloud service, etc.

The awards were decided by the votes of a panel of journalists and their decision was made public on 9 September. Hyva equipment featured in the tipper systems which won two of the awards. First, MAN tippers received the award for ‘Innovations in Construction Equipment in Russia’. And, second, MAN tipper model TGS 41.440 8×4 BB-WW was announced as ‘Tipper Truck of the Year 2020’. 

“Recognition at such a high level is an achievement that rewards the long collaboration between Hyva, MAN Truck and Bus RUS and Grunwald,” commented Fyodor Varfolomeev, Managing Director, Hyva Russia. “Together, we have studied the experience of our customers in the construction industry for many years and have made every effort to create transport solutions which meet their needs.”

The Moscow event observed all necessary safety precautions, in respect of COVID-19, such as wearing masks and social distancing. Independent journalists were invited to participate and the Hyva Russia team was present to answer questions.