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High speed and exceptional precision with the KENNIS Rolloader cranes

KENNIS cranes are established as the solution for loading and unloading with high speed and exceptional precision. No matter what type of load, KENNIS cranes will always be able to move and set down the load at the best required position.

The unique characteristic of these roller cranes is that they can travel up and down the trailer or semi-trailer while lifting the maximum allowed weight.

The complete KENNIS concept offers the most cost effective and robust loading solution for trailers today. With a lightweight compact design and short boom, KENNIS cranes can do the same heavy job with a lower load moment (capacity) than a heavy rear mounted crane which will require a long boom. KENNIS cranes are made to perform many cycles at high speed, increasing efficiency and productivity.

From the Classic model (R-24), innovative product development has extended the range to include: Heavy Lifter (R-30 and R-40), Compact (13-RL) and E-Power (14-R and 16-R) models.

  • Heavy Lifters are available with a reach up to 12 metres for accurately lifting and placing materials such as concrete floor panels, sewage pipes and concrete poles.
  • The new generation Compact is also lower in weight, can carry more payload, and is ideally suited to work in small spaces. This is the comabination of a light compact version with light crane, light attachment and light trailer. A new water-cooled engine, combined with load sensing hydraulics, reduces fuel consumption, lowers operating noise, and lowers emissions.
  • E-Power replaces the diesel engine with integrated electric motors, re-chargeable batteries, and new generation power semiconductors. The electric crane solution is ideal for urban areas and night working, with low noise and no emissions.

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