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Nothing goes to waste

The Tang Wang waste sorting and transfer complex provides a ‘one stop ’solution to garbage removal, processing and recycling. It is the first semi-underground, medium sized, waste sorting and transfer complex in the GuangLing District, to the east of Nanjing in China.

The complex, which covers an area of approximately 15 acres, is designed to process 445 tons of domestic waste per day.

The modules in this multi-functional facility include:

1. Residual waste compaction – uses the horizontal direct compaction process, which is efficient, safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly

2. Food waste pre-treatment – screens and separates the waste into organic slurry which is transported to the treatment plant for anaerobic fermentation, and non-organic debris which is compressed and transported to the incineration plant

3. Recyclables sorting and packaging – manually sorts out large pieces of metal, paper etc., followed by intelligent machine-based sorting and then another stage of manual sorting. Finally, materials are transported to the residual waste workshops. The sorted plastic, cardboard etc. are packaged in batches by a baler for storage and transportation

4. Hazardous waste temporary storage – separated from household waste and transported to temporary storage by special vehicles, and then to the hazardous waste treatment plant

5. Bulky waste crushing – processes items such as mattresses, sofas and furniture which are crushed into small pieces. These are transported to Residual Waste and then to the incineration plant

6. Sewage treatment and odour treatment – the station is equipped with a deodorisation and dust removal system. Wastewater generated reaches Grade A standard in the ‘Water Quality Standard for Sewage Discharged into Urban Sewers’ and can be connected to the municipal sewage pipe network for discharge.

The complex is operated through a Digital Management Platform. Incoming and outgoing vehicles are weighed by RFID and data is collected. All equipment can be operated remotely from a central control room, and the platform can be connected to the Cloud platform of GuangLing District.

The Tang Wang Complex is a landmark project, and its significance has been affirmed by the award of the 2021 Waste Management Practice Case of the China Association for Environmental Protection.

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