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Launch of new Hyva stiff boom cranes in China

Offering reliability, high precision and reduced costs

Hyva has launched a new range of stiff boom cranes at the company’s Yangzhou location in China. The three new models (HST8 E4, HST12 E4 and HST14 E4) were showcased alongside other crane models and accessories from Hyva’s range of truck-mounted cranes.

The event was attended by Hyva personnel, partners, and customers. Minister of Technology, Mr. Liu Yongchuan, introduced the technical background of the stiff boom cranes, and Mr. Yang Chengtuan, Manager of Hyva Truck-mounted Crane Division, introduced Hyva Technology.

These first-generation stiff boom cranes are the result of extensive research into crane users’ operating habits, applications, and technical requirements. Every component has been carefully selected and every structural part rigorously tested to deliver the quality which is expected from Hyva. This approach is a demonstration of Hyva’s commitment to solving customer needs and directly addressing customer issues.

The new stiff boom truck-mounted crane models are:

·        HST8 E4: 17.6m boom - 8tm lifting capacity

·        HST12 E4: 18.5m boom - 12tm lifting capacity

·        HST14 E4: 18.5m boom - 14tm lifting capacity

In-depth integration of Hyva hydraulic control technology and cylinder technology has created a crane with greatly improved reliability, and at reduced cost.

Hydraulic high-speed winch, large displacement plunger oil pump, planetary reducer and octagonal boom section combine to deliver high hoisting efficiency – quick and strong.

Dual telescopic cylinder, proportional control valve, automatic buffer and easy retractability, deliver the smooth action and accurate positioning required for a variety of difficult, high-precision hoisting tasks.

The cranes are powered by standard configuration Hyva hydraulic cylinders, delivering cost-effective, stable, and reliable performance. All cranes are supported by ‘Hyva Home’ which delivers service and maintenance from 225 service locations across China.