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Hyva’s Hydraulic Cross Beams are setting the standard for hydraulic equipment

Hyva is launching the new Modular range of Hydraulic Cross Beams (HCBs) – multifunctional and high-end devices which are manufactured to ensure safety and minimize downtime. The concept integrates more than 40 years of market experience, can be mounted in less than 5 minutes and are compatible with any truck brand.

Completely new in the market, this modular concept is based on a multifunctional OMEGA curved baseplate which can conveniently accommodate several add-on options. These options include:

Hose Guide Arm (HCB-HGA)

A guide arm which can accommodate 2 pieces of 1” flexible hose and protect them from wear and tear. The guide arm is designed with an optimized bending radius for the rubber hoses. This improves safety, minimizes downtime, and increases the lifetime of hoses. When driving solo (tractor without trailer), the hose storage couplings prevent the hoses from moving to one side or the other or coming into contact with moving parts such as the drive shaft. If components are sticking out of the frame, it is possible to extend the height of the guide arm with a spacer.

Tipping Valve Locator (HCB-TV)

In cases the truck chassis is crowded and there is no space to locate the valve in its traditional place, on the side of the tank, it can easily be mounted on the Hydraulic Cross Beam. The tipping valve can be mounted separately or with the hose guide arm included.

Quick Release Coupling (HCB-QR)

The Hydraulic Cross Beam can also be used to mount a maximum of 2 male Quick Release (QR) couplings. In such cases the hoses are not part of the tractor unit but come from the trailer hydraulics.

Swivel Arm (HCB-SA)

The Hydraulic Cross Beam can locate 1 or 2 of the ingenious Hyva Swivel Arms – another new market introduction. The operating principle is based on a rotating union through which the oil flows. The major advantage is that the hoses are no longer in contact with any mechanical part of the installation, ensuring the highest possible lifetime.

We are excited by the versatility of these products in terms of function, and the universality in that they can be used with all truck brands
Albert Bouter

“We are excited by the versatility of these products in terms of function, and the universality in that they can be used with all truck brands,” said Albert Bouter, Managing Director, Hyva France. “We know that our customers will welcome this innovation - a multifunctional device which we believe will become a new standard for hydraulic equipment in Europe, and around the world.”

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