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Hyva SlideKAP – the automatic tarpaulin system for tipper and container bodies

Operating, safety and performance gains

Hyva SlideKAP is a new automatic tarpaulin system for rigid tippers, semi-trailer tippers and most types of container bodies.

The system helps secure loads against the weather, accidental loss or tampering. It also improves driver safety and working conditions – the tarpaulin can be quickly and easily operated from ground level via a remote control. This contributes to more effective use of vehicle working time and, on short working distances, can increase the number of daily transports.

Hyva SlideKAP offers fast opening and closing on special sliders delivering deployment and retraction times of less than 30 seconds. When open, it is very compact, maintaining a large loading space. And, with the tarpaulin deployed, the tipper or container body has a more aerodynamic shape which can contribute to lower fuel consumption.

Many construction and customization options are available, including: electric or manual drive with remote control; various bow heights; ‘Z’ profile side locking systems; rear closing; and, several tarpaulin types (including heat resistant for asphalt transport), colours and thicknesses.

The first serial mounted Hyva SlideKAP systems have left “on wheels” from one of Europe’s largest body building companies, Wielton Group (Wielton, Fruehauf, Langendorf, Lawrence David, Viberti Rimorchi and Wielton Russia). Many other companies are testing, soon expecting to see more vehicles with Hyva SlideKAP on the European roads.

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