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More agricultural solutions with Hyva’s extended range of FFB Cranes

Hyva has extended its range of FFB Cranes which are specially designed for applications in agricultural sectors.

The new extended crane range increases the combinations of cranes and accessories and, in turn, gives more choice to customers to match to their diverse applications. These cranes tremendously improve the productivity and efficiency of fruit collection, mechanizing expensive manual process, reducing the harvest time and making the whole operation safer and quicker.

The FFB Line, previously 3 models, is now extended to 5 crane models:

  • HB10S FFB: 0.25tm Lifting Moment; 330 Slewing Angle 
    new model with a shorter boom

  • HB11 FFB: 0.35tm Lifting Moment; 330 Slewing Angle 
    new model replacing the HB10 FFB

  • HB16 FFB: 0.81tm Lifting Moment; 330 Slewing Angle 
    new model replacing the HB15 FFB

  • HB50S FFB: 4.85tm Lifting Moment; 380 Slewing Angle 
    new model with a shorter boom

  • HB50 FFB: 4.74tm Lifting Moment; 380 Slewing Angle

FFB cranes are safe, easy to use and quick and easy to maintain. All controls can be installed close to the tractor driver and cable controls are available as an accessory. The cranes are strong and reliable to meet the heavy-duty conditions expected in agricultural applications. The high-tech structural design – in accordance with EN12999 – an ISO9001 certified quality process, long life painting, an internal extension cylinder (on HB50 FFB) and many other features ensure the strength and reliability of the cranes.

“Success with our initial line of FFB Cranes has encouraged us to improve and introduce new models,” said Nicolò Farri, Product Manager Cranes. “In the new cranes we have reinforced the structure, added protection to avoid damage and reinforced the rotation system to make our cranes perfect for heavy duty applications. To date, applications have focused on palm oil harvesting – single fruit, multiple fruit, and bulk material handling. With the new models, we are well placed to expand into harvesting of agave, aloe and other special crops.

Hyva FFB Line represents a top-class solution for higher profitability in agricultural applications.