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Hyva CoolDrive is the solution to control oil temperature

Operating 2-line hydraulic systems where oil temperature control is important?

The compact hydraulic drive unit, with integrated oil cooler, is ideal for several applications such as liquid/gas tankers or walking floors where only a small amount of oil is needed and oil temperature control is important. 


In such applications the overall weight of the vehicle is very important, and the low weight of Hyva CoolDrive is highly valued – payload can be increased by up to 150kg, compared to standard, non-cooled systems. The drive unit is very compact in size and low in weight – under 400mm in width, and 45 kg (including oil) in weight. And, savings on oil can be achieved as the unit requires only 20 litres.

The cooling feature is realized by a fan system which is hydraulically driven. The Hyva CoolDrive work principle is also compliant with ADR (Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) requirements; no electrical drive is applied for cooling.

The unit can be mounted on the truck frame, or behind the cabin in case of space constraints. The system is completed with a Hyva piston pump, hoses and adaptors, and, a hose guide arm is also very useful in such applications.

Wetkits based on this solution are a natural extension to Hyva’s hydraulic portfolio to better serve our customers.

First batches of the system are currently being installed for selected markets, further roll-out will start in due time. 

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