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Connecting your business with Hookloader 4.0

Embracing the Internet of Things

We are a company built on innovation, continuously investing in new solutions. The latest example of this philosophy and best practice is the Hookloader Connectivity project.

Development of this Industry 4.0 solution has been both a challenge – to deliver the solution within three months – and a triumph – in achieving successful field validation with customers in Italy.

Industry 4.0, harnessing the power of digital, smart connectivity and the Internet of Things (IoT), aims to build a more agile, resilient, and sustainable future. It is a transformative technology that is changing industry and is widely considered to be the fourth Industrial Revolution – following (1) water and steam power, (2) electrical power, and (3) computing power.

The project idea started in Italy and was accelerated by an Italian Government incentive plan to promote Industry 4.0 Connectivity solutions. This plan allows businesses to receive a tax rebate on their investment, provided that they comply with a certain set of requirements. 

Following a thorough review of the requirements by a third party, Hyva decided to partner with global high-tech solutions provider Sioux Technologies* to build a team capable of delivering the solution within the three months’ timeframe. An Incremental Agile approach – to achieve change more quickly – was adopted to build a solid and scalable platform including User Friendly interface and seamless User Experience. Digital twins were designed to simulate behaviour of real machines and speed up validation. Required field validation has been achieved through strong collaboration with customers in Italy.

 “The real progress in the automotive and commercial vehicle industries is in software and mathware innovation,” declared Martijn Kabel, Manager Data Technologies, Sioux Technologies. “This is a crucial part of our business and the successful partnership with Hyva demonstrates the type of applications that we are developing in these sectors.

Hookloader 4.0 is an accessory which turns the already powerful and well-established Hyva Hookloader into an even more efficient solution. It includes a GPS Gateway – factory installed or available as retrofit kit – and a SIM card with full access to data on the Cloud portal which is accessible from computer, tablet, or smart phone devices. The latest firmware updates are automatically applied remotely.

The solution aims to improve safety and efficiency of customers’ operations and also provide better planning for preventive maintenance,” explained Malik Chitour, Line of Business Director, Container Handling Solutions, “This, in turn, will strengthen our presence and market share in the Hookloader business, in Italy and is an important milestone for the developments of our connectivity solutions globally. I also would like to highlight the great collaboration between Hyva and Sioux Technologies teams which was a fundamental success factor for delivering the solution on time

The solution aims to improve safety and efficiency of customers’ operations and also provide better planning for preventive maintenance.
Malik Chitour

Real time monitoring shows Truck and Operating status and live hookloader data is always available, when connected to the Internet. Maps can geolocate the entire fleet, and, Routes can show journey directions and times throughout the day or some other, more specific, time period. Analysis, through processing and presentation of collected data, can show a variety of trends and statistics including working hours and tipping cycles; loading and unloading cycles; and, event logs showing the where and when of any journey – all designed to improve future fleet operations.

More efficient management and maintenance is achieved through real-time monitoring of operations and storage of data for subsequent analysis and feedback. The system delivers information power to both current and future operations

Giuseppe Romano, Sales Director Italy concluded, “Customer validation of the advantages of Hookloader 4.0 has given us a great platform from which we can build a larger and more successful Hookloader business in Italy. It is driven by the strong tax incentive (40% of total investment reimbursed over 3 years) for all the companies adopting the solution. We are looking forward to the journey!’’

* Sioux Technologies is a global high-tech solutions partner that develops, innovates, and assembles complex and integrated high-tech systems with advanced Software, Mathware, Electronics and Mechatronics. Sioux is keen to take responsibility: from creating ideas in the conceptual phase up to the delivery of serial production. Sioux wants to add value to its clients and build innovative solutions that can contribute to a society that is smarter, safer, healthier, more enjoyable and more sustainable.

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