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Combex Bouwlogistiek invests in the future with the new Hyva KENNIS e-Power rolloader crane

The ideal solution for work in urban areas – no exhaust fume emissions and lower noise levels


Hyva Benelux has delivered the first 16R Hyva KENNIS e-Power rolloader crane – a significant step in bringing electric solutions to our customers.

The 16R Hyva KENNIS e-Power crane is set to become a ‘game changer’, opening up new opportunities in lifting and loading. Customers are now able to operate in areas where rules and regulations on C02 emissions and noise levels are becoming increasingly demanding.

This electric crane will be used in the Amsterdam area, in the vicinity of Schiphol Airport where strict environmental rules and regulations need to be observed. The crane is the ideal solution as the electric power offers considerable benefits including improved energy efficiency and lower environmental impact – no exhaust fume emissions and lower noise levels. It also provides a much healthier working environment for crane operators as they no longer need to work with the noise and exhaust fumes from a diesel engine.

The crane can be operated early in the morning or late at night and still comply with the current regulations. With these performance advantages and longer operating times, Combex is able to differentiate its fleet and increase productivity and flexibility.

On this crane, the electric engine unit is comprised of a battery pack, an electric motor, and a smart electronic control system which optimises power supply and allows the batteries to be re-charged while the vehicle is in motion. This electric system means that the crane can be operated when the truck engine is switched off.

KENNIS has developed a long-term relationship with Combex Bouwlogistiek a committed and experienced partner. The new product has already begun to add more value to his fleet operations.

“Following extensive research and positive feedback from many drivers, we are very pleased with this new purchase. We are always looking to invest in the future, and we are confident that this Hyva KENNIS e-Power solution will be a significant step in lowering our environmental impact,” explained Allard Tadema, Technical Director, Combex Bouwlogistiek. “And, the fact that the investment qualifies for MIA / VAMIL* is a bonus.”

The trailer is equipped with an ORR (On Road Recharge) system, which provides sufficient battery capacity to execute the daily job. The battery is charged while on the road, so no time is lost to charging. The ORR system has been developed in collaboration with Combex and uses a Hyva battery pack.

“We are proud of our Hyva KENNIS e-Power solution which recognises customer demand for electrically operated vehicles and is responding to increasingly strict environmental regulation on diesel exhaust emissions and noise pollution. We thank Combex for their trust and a very pleasant cooperation, Menno Jurjens, Sales Manager Hyva Benelux.

The Hyva KENNIS e-Power crane is part of Hyva’s ambitious strategy of digitalization and electrification of products and processes introduced in its manufacturing plants, corporate offices, and subsidiaries, preparing the company for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

* MIA and VAMIL are environmental tax benefits on environmentally friendly investments supplied by the government of the Netherlands.