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Installation of Hyva Digital Tipping Solutions (DTS) Guide for International Tipper Optimization at Cantoni Ribaltabili

A global team from various Hyva branches, including Brazil, USA, Netherlands, Poland, and Italy, gathered at Cantoni Ribaltabili for the installation of Hyva DTS Guide on selected 8x4 Astra Rigid Tippers destined for international markets.

This collaboration marks a milestone in process optimization and technological advancement within the tipper industry. The main objective was to implement Hyva DTS Guide, an advanced solution designed to improve efficiency and reliability of tipping equipment. This system integrates intelligent sensors and monitoring technology, offering benefits like precise tipping operations, improved load management, and increased workplace safety. Furthermore, the tipper comes with a Cloud solution that shares crucial operational insights with fleet managers.

Throughout the installation, the team closely collaborated with Cantoni Ribaltabili to seamlessly integrate Hyva DTS Guide with existing equipment. In addition, training was provided to staff on operating and maintaining the system, ensuring a smooth transfer of knowledge.

With new Hyva DTS Guide in place, Cantoni Ribaltabili is set to leverage the benefits of this innovative solution. 

The collaboration highlights the importance of international cooperation and technological innovation in the industrial sector. We are confident that Hyva DTS Guide will deliver measurable benefits to Cantoni Ribaltabili, and we look forward to continuing support for our customers in adopting cutting-edge solutions to meet evolving needs.

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