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Move 18 tons with the tip of your finger

Innovative features distinguish the latest Hyva Titan skiploader

The Titan Radio Remote leads an array of innovative features on the latest generation of skipoaders from Hyva.

The Titan Radio Remote (TRR) is Hyva’s newest ‘one hand ergonomic’ solution for loading/unloading of skiploaders. Developed from proven crane radio remote technology, it allows skiploader operators to move and control 18 ton skip containers with millimetre precision. The TRR combined with hydraulic control with Stepper Motor Spools (SMS) – an industry first – enables applications that require highly sensitive movements and accuracy for delicate handling of difficult loads.

Complementary to TRR is TWS – the Titan Weighing System (TWS) which automatically displays the load state of the container on the display of the TRR. This integrated system, accurate to approximately 1% of measured weight, helps prevent overloading and saves time and cost as the operator no longer needs to use weighing stations/bridges.

Another advance is Cranked Lifting Arms which improve the handling of skips in restricted spaces. These new arms have the highest lifting capacity and longest telescopic reach which together with low overall height and high stability deliver the best specification currently available in the market. This improved specification facilitates operations such as loading the middle of three containers, loading/unloading an empty container over a loaded container, and, stacking containers.

The new Titan skiploaders also feature powder coating of all steel parts in the production line to improve impact and corrosion resistance, boltable sub-frames for easier and quicker mounting on the chassis, and, hydraulic locking and sheeting systems for container and load security.

Together, these innovative features deliver significant benefits to the skip industry in terms of efficiency, productivity, safety and environmental care.