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Hyva crane innovations on display at Bauma 2019

Hyva will display innovation and diversity in its new crane ranges at Bauma 2019. This year, Hyva will have both indoor (Hall B4, stand 348) and outdoor stands (FN 721/5).

For the first time on show will be the new heavy duty HC661 crane. The 60tm and 66 tm cranes which are available for CE and not CE markets, feature endless rotation, double link, new stabiliser rotation system, radio control and optional jib. Hyva introduces two brand new innovations on the crane which have been patented. The first is an Auto Stabilising System that can recognise the position of the operator and the operator will be able to see what the stabiliser rod is doing. The system can evaluate the inclination of the crane column, evaluate and avoid torsion of the truck frame and assist the operator with correct stabilisation. Second is the Active Awareness Radio (AAR) which gives vibration feedback from the transmitter into the radio levers which increases operator awareness of warnings of hazardous conditions, such as overload.

In addition, we display all new models from our mid-range (9-25tm class) of the Edge Line. With this range, Hyva has extended its crane product coverage from 1 to 165 tm, covering all customer needs. The Edge Line features the latest generation of innovations from Hyva:

  • the Dynamic Load Diagram, which provides advance verification of crane lifting capacity based on truck stability; 
  • the Magic Touch, which allows automatic folding and unfolding to transport and working positions. Both features improve driver attention, save time and increase productivity;
  • Hyva has also introduced a New Control Station, which has integral crane and stabiliser controls, an ergonomic working position, and a user-friendly interface which delivers improved operator efficiency and safety together with increased productivity.

Alongside the Edge Line, Hyva also displays the new HA14, together with HA21 and HA27, telescopic cranes with compact dimensions and reduced weight that are the perfect solution for applications with light vehicles. The cranes are equipped with a new control station and safety device which is easier to operate and use. Single hand radio remote control is user-friendly, allowing quick and easy loading and unloading from a distance.

Lastly the new Kennis e-Power Rolloader crane will be on show, featuring an electric powertrain, rather than conventional diesel powertrain. This brings considerable benefits, including improved energy efficiency and lower environmental impact – no exhaust fume emissions and lower noise levels. It also provides a much healthier working environment for crane operators as they no longer need to work with the noise and exhaust fumes from a diesel engine which is ideal for urban areas and night work. e-Power packages will be available in both light-duty and heavy-duty versions, each with stationary plug-in charging solution and stationary + on-road charging options.

Commenting on Hyva’s presence at Bauma, Davide Catellani, Line of Business Director Cranes, said, “We continue to listen to our customers in our pursuit of innovation and technical excellence. We now offer solutions for every industry and application, from mining to maintenance, construction to car recovery.”