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Hookloader solutions from Hyva, from long distance to urban transportation

The well-known Titan range of hookloaders has now been extended with 26- and 30-ton versions, available in system lengths ranging from 7.5 to 8.0 metres for containers up to 10 meters. The Titan Long Hookloader, with higher volume and tonnage capacity is ideal for long distance transportation.

“With this long 26 and 30 ton capacity range, Hyva completes its best-in-class Titan hookloader range. Our engineers and customers worked closely together to develop a product that we can all be very proud of. With this new capacity range Hyva is ready to face the challenge of increased volume and tonnage resulting in higher profits per payload and lower carbon-dioxide emissions,” explained Arjo Oosterveld, Global Sales Support Manager Container Handling.

At the other end of the size scale, the Titan City Hookloader, with capacities from 1- to 10-ton, introduces boltable installation to the light commercial vehicle segment. This latest addition comes with all the benefits and advantages of ease of operation, intuitive electrical or pneumatic in-cab controls, secure hook latch, strong combination locks and the widest range of accessories. The Titan City hookloader is ideal for transportation of small containers within city areas where there is not much space to maneouvre.

Both of these extensions to the Titan range – Long Hookloader and City Hookloader – are based on the core Titan offering of a boltable solution with reduced installation time, lower system weight and height and increased operation speed. Safety too is a priority – achieved through features such as high strength hydraulic container locking; high quality detachable pickup hook with safety latch, and safety lights indicating possible unsafe situations. Titan hookloaders can deliver productivity improvements and longer system lifetime.

Hyva’s extensive range of Titan hookloaders provides transport efficiency solutions for bulk waste covering everything for 3.5ton light commercial vehicles right through to 50+ ton heavy trucks. The Titan has proved its value in a wide range of end-user applications including municipal waste collection, recycling, construction waste removal, materials supply, and movement of agricultural supplies and products.

Titan Hookloaders

Hyva’s Titan range of hookloaders, with capacities from 1 to 30 ton, and available in different lengths, are already well established as industry leaders in Container Handling.

Highest Build Quality

  • The Hyva Titan is based on a fully bolted system mounted onto the truck chassis.
  • Up to 30 ton lifting capacity
  • Supplied as standard S (sliding) or on request as SK (articulated arm)
  • Bolted construction fits the chassis pattern of the manufacturer
  • Constructed from high yield steels
  • Pneumatic in-cab controls
  • Safety-related interventions in the operation, which are necessary in order to prevent operator errors, are achieved using embedded software
  • Safety systems, hydraulic shut off valves or the automatic tipping frame locking system
  • Electrical control and the CANBUS control system
  • Low build-up heights for customers who require maximum volume and payload
  • Optimised hydraulics to reduce the energy loss and deliver quicker operating times for loading, unloading and tipping
  • Side rollers which assure smooth and comfortable operation during loading and off-loading
  • Welding lengths minimised to ensure a strong construction while simultaneously reducing welding fumes and energy consumption
  • Water based painting which saves on solvents emissions

Operating Benefits

  • Reduced operating costs: lower fuel, labour, maintenance and depreciation costs as a result of higher payloads and fewer journeys;
  • Improved health and safety: the lower centre of gravity of the load improves driving and cornering performance and driver comfort;
  • Lower environmental impact: lower fuel consumption & emissions, bio-degradable hydraulic oils, and up to 95% recyclable.

Titan Long Hookloader

Larger Volume & Tonnage

The 26- and 30-ton hookloaders have been specially designed to be mounted on long wheel base trucks, on semi-trailers and agricultural trailers. Due to the system’s length, containers that measure up to 9 metres in length and 57m3 in capacity can be easily transported. And, with a special rear bumper these systems can transport containers up to 10 metres in length and 63m3. in capacity, which is extraordinary in this segment. Another advantage of these systems system mounted into a trailer is the option of transporting a higher tonnage, up to 40ton Total Vehicle Weight (varying per country).  

Improved Stability

In order to improve the stability during loading and unloading and lower the pick-up angle of the container during loading the system is provided with a knuckle (articulated) hook mast. The knuckle function also provides the option to transport the shorter standard DIN containers measuring from 5150 mm onwards. Increased Payload & Reduced Emissions These long hookloaders mounted into a trailer, behind a tractor or in a semi-trailer behind a truck decreases overall build-up height. This lower build-up height results in a higher overall cubic capacity, increased payload and less frontal surface reducing on fuel cost and CO2 emission. And, the lower centre of gravity ensures better stability when driving on rough terrain. The agricultural hookloader can be used with a range of application specific containers, for example for sand, harvested crops, waste or liquid or solid fertilisers. Increased capacity, better stability and flexibility of container type all contribute to more efficient and cost-effective operations. In these agricultural container handling systems, all Hyva options are available for actuation of the hookloader. With a basic specification the hookloader is actuated directly from the tractor or truck. Other options include wet kits, pneumatic valves, electro/hydraulic systems and radio remote controls. These more advanced options facilitate operation at higher pressures for increased working speeds and heavy-duty conditions.

Titan City Hookloader

Improved Installation

The Titan City brings boltable installation to the light commercial vehicle segment. The hookloader subframe is fitted with a bolt-hole pattern. Using the chassis brackets, the hookloader can now be bolted to the chassis saving time on welding and installation. To further increase the time saved Hyva can supply truck specific mounting kits. Many of these kits will be available from launch, and new mounting kits will be developed as required. This will ensure that the Titan City can be installed on any light commercial vehicle. Additionally, the Titan City accessory brackets can be mounted directly on the hookloader. This takes installing accessories such as underrun protection, toolboxes or fenders much simpler. Many of these accessories are available from Hyva with the required brackets. For third party accessories, Hyva has developed a universal bracket.

Extended Range

Extending the Titan hookloader range with these smaller systems, adds new capacities and lengths and creates an even better fit between the truck’s GVW and the hookloader’s capacity, ensuring the optimal use of the vehicle while maximizing the net payload. Hyva is also extending the options available with, for example, different locking solutions, and, Bowden cable control. This allows customers to customize the system to their requirements. These options are now available from the factory, ensuring high quality installation and preparation on the system.

Better Corrosion Resistance

To improve corrosion resistance and lifetime use, Titan City hookloaders are supplied in end-coat from the factory in the standard Hyva colour scheme – black system, yellow hook. If required, the system can be painted in any RAL colour to fit better with the truck’s colours or to match with a customer’s identity and branding. This end-coat saves time during the installation of the system and gets the vehicle on the road more quickly.