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Hyva KENNIS e-Power cranes deliver improved energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact

Hyva KENNIS e-Power rolloader crane is our answer to the demand for electrically operated cranes, in response to increasingly strict environmental regulation on diesel exhaust emissions and noise pollution.

Electric power offers improved energy efficiency and lower environmental impact.
Nicolo Farri

Nicolo Farri, Product Manager KENNIS Cranes explained, Electric power, rather than conventional diesel power, offer improved energy efficiency and lower environmental impact. It also means that there are no exhaust gas emissions – better for operators and people around the working area; and lower noise levels – typically 10dB less than comparable fuel engines. This is a winning formula at any time or place, and especially in urban areas for night or early morning work.” 

The cranes can work with the truck engine off, solving the problem of working in urban areas that do not welcome or allow emissions and noise that are typical of fuel engines. 

With a compact and highly efficient battery package, Hyva KENNIS e-Power delivers the amount of energy that ensures the same performance as a diesel engine. The electric motor and smart electronic control system optimize power supply and allow the batteries to be re-charged while the vehicle is in motion – the so-called On-Road Recharge System. 

Multiple customers have already chosen for electric power and are driving the change with several Hyva KENNS e-Power units added to their fleet.  

This electric crane adds another level of performance to rolloader cranes from KENNIS, which are already renowned for their reliability and durability. Rolloader cranes allow the operator to cover a wide area with a limited number of extensions, to achieve shorter loading and unloading times; and to deliver higher payloads. 

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