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Technical Features

Control System

Stability control systems are in place to improve safety and avoid the risk of truck capsize. Available as standard on CE models in accordance with EN12999. It includes load limiting devices to prevent exceeding 100% capacity. Easy to install, maintain and use.

Dynamic Load Diagram (DLD)

A new system which allows the driver to verify in advance the crane lifting capacity based on the truck stability. The operator can select the weight and, according to the stabilisers positions, the system calculates the stability all around the truck. 

Magic Touch

A graphic display which allows the driver, after truck stabilisation, to automatically fold (from any position to transport position) and unfold (to working position) when required. 

Remote Control

Radio remote control adds several safety advantages to the operation. The user does not have to be close to the truck while operating the crane, and can move freely around the truck, following the load and viewing the working area unobstructed. 

Crane Accessories

Hyva cranes can be fitted (or retro-fitted) with a range of additional equipment available, in order to support a variety of operations required with maximum safety and efficiency.


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