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Hyva Smart, the Intelligent Fleet Management & Onboard Tipping Guidance System rolling out through 2019

Hyva, the global market leader in Tipping Solutions, is launching Hyva Smart, the company’s unique cloud-based Intelligent Fleet Management & Onboard Tipping Guidance System. As a first step, Hyva will roll out this platform for Hyva’s mining markets towards the end of 2019, with a broader global rollout to follow.

Demonstration tipping kits equipped with the pace-setting Hyva Smart have been configured with a 10” display to show how the app appears to the driver, and a full tipping cycle can be simulated to demonstrate the capabilities of the system.

Hyva is working closely with different OEMs to develop partnership solutions with Hyva Smart and to explore the possibilities of implementing a broader eco-system strategy on trucks.

When displayed recently at Bauma 2019, the various Hyva Smart displays and simulations attracted a lot of interest from visitors and confirmed the real demand for the Hyva Smart solution with its unique combination of features and benefits.

Hyva Smart is a sensor-based monitoring system which adds intelligence to tipping vehicles, offering major benefits, both for drivers and fleet owners. To drivers, Hyva Smart provides advice and assistance which helps them make decisions that improve the safety and efficiency of tipping operations. To fleet owners, the system offers benefits such as the ability to reduce damages and liability due to unsafe operation, improved performance, insights into driver behaviour, reduced trip administration, optimised uptime which should result in lower cost of ownership and higher efficiency.

Hyva Smart is available in multiple languages and can be calibrated in both imperial and metric units. Designed around cloud connectivity, the system can be used anywhere, at any time, and additional analogue sensors (e.g. proximity sensors for sheeting systems or rear door position) can easily be added to the platform. In fact, the functionality delivered by the Hyva Smart platform is constantly evolving, so that customers can scale the solution to meet their needs as they grow or change. Fully integrated with Hyva front end cylinders – Flash (retro-fit) and Alpha (retro-fit or new) – for mining, construction and transport applications, Hyva will introduce Smart both for rigid trucks and tractor-trailers as first integration followed by the other product lines of Hyva.  

“Visitor interest at Bauma 2019 has reinforced our belief that Hyva Smart is a major step forward,” said Jacob Biemond, VP Tipping Solutions and Container Handling Solutions at Hyva. “Key in this innovative solution is that we work closely with our customers to ensure that we always deliver the best possible solutions, in line with an increasingly digital future.”

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