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Truck and Trailer

Hyva Floor

Designed to optimize loading and unloading operations, Hyva Floor made by Cargo Floor is an efficient, safe and cost-effective system which strives to capitalize major factors including low operational costs, maximum volume, low tare weight, durability and sustainability. Using the latest technology, this system offers a substantial advantage over the conventional methods of goods and materials transportation.


Liquip Tanker

High performance and safety in operation are ensured by our Liquip tanker equipment. Designed to handle bulk materials, the extensive Liquip range offers solutions for an efficient, reliable and diverse transportation, including petroleum, chemicals and dry bulk commodities.

Dhollandia Lifts

Versatile tail lifts suitable for a wide range of applications, from light commercial to heavy-duty vehicles. Dhollandia lift solutions are known for its efficiency and sophistication, offering maximum safety with a reliable and easy opperation.

Dhooghe Beachcleaners

A suitable solution for any beach maintenance task. From the small and precise machines to the strong, compact and specialized beachcleaners, our Dhooghe products ensure a remarkable performance regardless the area or environment conditions.

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