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Hyva India contributes to cleaner environment in Mumbai with new waste transfer station

On 21 September 2020, Hyva India, in a joint initiative with Pen Nagar Parishad (the local municipality), opened a new waste handling transfer station in Mumbai. At the opening ceremony, representatives of the organisations involved outlined the project brief and the solution delivered.

This initiative fits with Hyva’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Vision: ‘To create a positive Environmental and Health impact on the community by good Waste Management systems and services’, and, addresses issues created by open dumping of municipal solid waste – pollution of surface and groundwater, soil contamination, unhygienic atmosphere.

The new transfer station is designed to create an enclosed garbage zone which can collect segregated waste in an enclosed container and stop open dumping. This addresses the issue of smell by compacting the solid waste in a closed container, making it moisture free and allowing the leachate to drain for treatment. And, it creates a healthy zone by handling the waste in a mechanised way, with no manual touch. 

These Hyva Zones are hygienic and healthy environments for garbage staff and the community. Transfer stations like this are part of a bigger initiative – Clean India – which is a country-wide campaign initiated by the Government of India. This campaign aims to introduce a cleaner environment for residents, create job opportunities for the community, and, provide education on waste handling and maintaining a clean environment.

“We take great pride from this project and the broader initiative,” commented Sudesh Dhabekar, General Manager Hyva India – Navi Mumbai. “By addressing the issue of solid waste dumping and the resulting pollution, smell and unhygienic atmosphere, we can make a positive impact on the environment and the health of the community with good waste management systems and services.” 

COVID-19 restrictions mandated that only a limited number of people could attend the transfer station event. Introductions were followed by an outline of the Project Brief by Sudesh Dhabekar and technical presentations on Problem statement and solution; Use of advanced technology; Highlights of project; and, Sustainability roles and responsibilities.

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