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Hyva donates Waste Handling vehicles to fight the Coronavirus epidemic

As the Coronavirus epidemic spreads, Hyva China has donated two special waste handling vehicles to the Guangling sanitation department. These vehicles, which were handed over on 5 February 2020, will help to improve the efficiency of the sanitation and epidemic prevention in Yangzhou city.

The first is a bin cleaning vehicle for disinfection, in which cleaning water mixed with a virus killing dose heats up to 70℃, and completely cleans the waste bins in a closed chamber. The second vehicle (RCM03) is for the collection of residential waste from people who have been quarantined at home.

“As a global company, located in Yangzhou, with leading technology in the field of waste handling, we are very aware of the epidemic and it is our duty and social responsibility to do all that we can to mitigate the effects of the crisis,” said Mr. Alex Tan, VP China & ROA. “Everyone must take responsibility in fighting this epidemic, and, I am proud that at Hyva we can make a very practical contribution with the donation of these special waste handling vehicles. It is important that we stand together with the people of Wuhan, and the people of China”.

In statements to local media, local government officials have welcomed the contribution made by Hyva.

Mr. Liu, Director of Guangling Sanitation Department of Yangzhou, explained, “The Hyva electric collection vehicle is a flexible, efficient, closed transportation vehicle which will be used to collect residential waste from people quarantined at home. The vehicle will drive on a specified route for direct transportation to the incinerator, to ensure the control and harmless transportation of the special waste. We will use the Hyva bin cleaning vehicle, with high temperature disinfectant, to clean waste bins located along the main roads of Guangling district and surrounding areas.”

Mr. Xu, Chief of Guangling District, concluded, “Hyva is the leading supplier of waste handling solutions in China. After the outbreak of epidemic, Hyva made an urgent delivery of two waste collection vehicles for the waste mask collection of the Nanjing environment administration department. Today, Hyva has donated two special vehicles for sanitation and epidemic prevention in Guangling district. All of these actions by Hyva reflect the care and responsibility of this great company. We are proud of such companies in our district, and we are grateful for their contributions!

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