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HYVA tipping valve PT series
HYVA hydraulic tipping valves consist of a range of features to ensure safe operation of the dump trucks. PT series valves are appreciated on the market due to their reliability and functionality.

The advantages of PT valve includes:
- Flow up to 220 l/min – limits pressure reverses from the pump to the cylinder, from the pump to the oil tank and from the cylinder to the oil tank. If opeator is trying to shorten unloading cycle by working on a high turnover, a possibility of reverse is significant. Because long and slow unloading means keeping tipping lifted up, the entire trailer is exposed for loss of stability and capsizing, which is caused be a strong wind or unstable ground. Pressure reverse can damage pump, hose or shorten system lifetime, so it is recommended to use it.
- Pressure limiter with the amortisation function. Standard valve only sets pressure level in the system, HYVA PT additionaly protects cylinder from the sudden and uncontrolled pressure picks, which may appear during an unloading process. Such pressure peaks occur when the driver is trying to unload sticky materials by shaking the truck. This operation is not permitted, however encountered in practice. In result of this action pressure peaks occure and can destroy seals or even whole cylinder. PT valve effectively protects cylinder against damage.
- Cartridges for setting maximum operating pressure. Drivers often manually set pressure regulation, in order to increase the lifting power of the cylinder (overload). These actions may result in damage of the cylinder. PT valves have interchangeable maximum pressure cartridges, factory-set to a given, non-adjustable pressure. To change maximum pressure limit, it is necessary to replace the cartridge. 

We also provide double pressure PT valves, with possibility to select one of two different maximum operating pressures.

PT valve is small, lightweight and easy to install. Heads of three mounting screws are located below the plunger, which ensures proper valve operation, since no additional stress is transmitted to the valve body. O-ring sealing of the valve connection to the tank located in a special groove ensures proper sealing and protection. Strong pneumatic actuator ensures correct valves operation. Maximum oil flow of 220 l/min minimizes effects of pressure drops. The lack of suppression of oil flow through the valve is common in other hydraulic systems. PT valve has very good characteristics of cylinder lowering, which allows for precise control of the tipper body position. In order to test the pressure in the system, valve is equipped with a special connector for the pressure gauge.

HYVA tipping valve JT series
The newest product of HYVA engineers - JT valves, with a maximum flow of  150 l/min have all of the functions that are equipped with the PT valve described above. They are designed for smaller dump trucks, which due to the use of smaller cylinders require smaller oil flow.

Key features:

- weight only 3.7 kg,
- can be mounted as PT valve,
- can be mounted directly on the cylinder (if there is a SAE flange).
A unique feature of the JT valve - when mounting directly on a cylinder - is function of hose burst valve which protects the cylinder against pressure picks occurring in particular circumstances. It increases safety of the truck operation, protects equipment from serious damages and protects environment.

Download catalogue in PDF: List of tipping solutions

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