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Power take-off (PTO) is a mechanical device controlled pneumatically, designed to transfer power from the gear box to the hydraulic pump or compressor device. PTO is mounted directly on the gearbox, with the transfer direction and speed. Parameters, which characterizes PTO: torque ratio, direction of rotation, mounting position and type of output from the PTO.


    Making the right choice of PTO requires the determination of the gearbox type in use. Typically, gearbox has a nameplate that lists all important parameters.

Required data:

  • manufacturer's name,
  • type of the gearbox,
  • first gear ratio (if available).

You can find an example of the EATON gearbox below:


  1. EATON part number

  2. Customer number

  3. Description

  4. Type

  5. Serial number

  6. Data of production


Identifying the window opening for mounting the PTO


1. Upper mounting (SUP) 2. Lower mounting (INF)

3. Rear mounting 4. Right side mounting (DX) 5. Left side mounting (SIN) 6. Front mounting (ANT)

In case when more than one window opening is available, you should choose the one involving a smaller overall dimension (an easier fitting of the PTO). More than one window opening can be used simultaneously, but it is necessary to evaluate available power generated by the gearbox. In case of several PTO’s application, please contact out technical department.

Left/anticlockwise rotation (SX)                     Right/clockwise rotation (DX)

Rotation direction is a key factor for correct choice of pumps or other mechanical devices that have to run in only one rotation direction. The rotation direction refers to the PTO with a rear output (the PTO output directed to the rear of the vechicle). The rotation direction is referred to the front output in case the PTO is not provided with the rear output. It is always marked with a special note in the catalogue.

ATTENTION! The PTO rotation direction is defined when looking at the output from the front. As a consequence, the pump must run in the opposite direction to the PTO.


It is a primary detail to check if the PTO is selected correctly. The location of the gear is comparing with the center line of window opening and with the motion vector of vechicle.


  A - front
  C - central
  P - rear

Direction of vechicle commotion


The position is defined when looking at the window opening from the front.


All speeds shown in the catalogue are calculated considering a nominal engine speed of 1000 rpm. Some gearboxes are provided with several speed levels that can be chosen by the gear stick selector. In catalogue you can find all available speeds of each PTO.


It is available torque value at output of the PTO and it depends on the constructional parameters. While selection, the torque value should be taken into account when comparing specifications of the driven system. Torque values are reported in Nm. The torque value is an available maximum for each output.

ATTENTION! Always make sure that the absorbed torque of the gearbox is lower than the maximum value allowed by the gearbox itself.



Please follow the instructions for installation and usage of the PTO. See: PTO Installation Insctruction


Gearboxes: ZF - Mercedes - Scania - Eaton - Iveco - Volvo - Mitsubishi


In addition to the standard power take-off, Hyva Poland offers device designed and manufactured for a variety of specialized applications. These are mainly reinforced PTO that can move heavy loads at high ratio. They are used to deliver power to devices such as sets of hydraulic tipping cylinders with a compressor.

This is possible thanks to the construction that has two outputs. Depending on your needs there is a possibility to specify the type of output PTO, e.g. hydraulic pump or compressor. In this type of PTO construction, attention should be given to the type of PTO control:

  • individually controlled outputs,
  • common controlled outputs.

To choose non standard PTO please consult our HYVA specialist, who can analyze your demands (torque ratio, type of control, type of the output) and select the right unit.




Each PTO has the output type, which from depends possibility of adapting and connecting the receiving device driven by the PTO. To allow installation of the equipment, we offer wide range of adapters which can be mounted on the PTO outlets. In most cases these are adapters for attaching the pump and prop shafts for a given type of a flange.




In order to mount PTO correctly use mounting kits consisting of a set of screws and seals used between the body and the gearbox. Seals are also used to determine a backlash in the PTO, which is transmitted through gears. In other types of the PTO, shafts and adapters are used to connect the gearbox. We offer large range of adapters and mounting kits that provide correct and reliable operation of the equipment.


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