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Hyva offers a complete range of oil tanks manufactured from the highest quality materials. We have oil tanks that can be mounted behind the cab, on the side of vehicle or on the cylinder cradle. This allows you to design and build practically any  hydraulic. HYVA oil tanks are made of steel or aluminium. They have optimal protection against corrosion, both inside and outside. Powder coating tanks gives lasting protection against the effects of the external environment. At the end of the production process, each tank is washed and subjected to a pressure leak test. The use of oil and air filters, extends the life of hydraulic components, which allows to reduce costs. All oil tanks are equipped with a high quality air filters (10 μm), and almost all have an oil return filter.

The total volume of the tank capacity depends on its internal dimensions.  All oil tanks are fitted with oil level indicator.  Proper oil level is about 50 mm below inner height of the tank. Tanks have the mounting plate, allowing quick tipping valve installation. Oil return pipe outlet, should always be below the lowest level of the oil. Return pipe end is chamfered at an angle of 45°, which is designed to reduce the outflow speed of the oil, which prevents oil foaming.


To make selection of the oil tank, consider the following factors:

  • working capacity of hydraulic components,
  • the volume of the oil pump,
  • the available space on the vehicle,
  • use of valves and filters.

For more information please contact our sales department.


Download oil tank catalogue in PDF: List of tanks + accessories


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