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Gear Pumps

Hyva gear pumps are considered by users as very durable and efficient. They quality is determined by a number of advantages:

- Gears and drive shaft are one unit, thereby reducing to a minimum pressure spikes and noise,
- Special  sleeve bearings provide optimum alignment of gears, so that the clearance between the teeth is held in a fixed position. This guarantees high performance of operation,
- Side sealing plates designed to ensure maximum efficiency,
- Special bearings - withstand radial and thrust loads, allow the transfer of torque to 300 Nm,
- Design and material used, provide high structural strength.

Hyva pumps are manufactured in several options, i.e. mounted on four holes, mounted on three holes, and for all kinds of connecting flanges. There is also the possibility to combine pumps, allowing to form a double-sectioned pump. We supply various kinds of adapters and brackets for mounting the pump at various locations. Our pumps are designed and manufactured for use in hydraulic systems mounted on trucks.

Advantages of Hyva gear pumps:

- Pumps capacity from  17 to 133 cm3/rev,
- Continuous pressure  up to 290 bar (325 bar Peak pressure),
- Self-priming,
- Trouble-free start-up at low temperatures (temperature of the oil -25°C to +80°C),
- Strong, die-cast pump housing, reinforced bearings and forced lubrication,
- The high pressure at low speed,
- Maintenance-free due to the minimal number of components,
- The ability to change the direction of rotation,
- The high rate of kW/kg: from 1,8 to 2,5.

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Piston Pumps

A new generation of unidirectional piston pumps can achieve very high pressures up to 400 bar. This is possible due to  the pump construction, based on the multi pistons system oil compression cylinder.

Bent axis piston pumps are characterized by a small external dimensions. Due to optimum properties of the suction,  pump can be mounted above the oil level in the tank. Oil flow is proportional to the speed of the pump shaft and the size of the pistons. Changing directions of rotation of the pump is very simple (see instructions). No special drainage connection is required due to internal drainage system.

Advantages of a HYVA piston pumps:

- Continuous pressure  280 bar (400 bar peak pressure),
- Pumps capacity  from 40 to 80 cm3/rev,
- The ability to change the direction of rotation,
- The high rate of kW/kg: from 2,8 to 4,5.

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