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HYVA Hydraulic Kits Type ONE Line (for tippers), TWO Line (for moving floor, cranes), HYDRIVE (for driving hydraulic motors) are covered for almost 10 years by very precise warranty system. Due this fact those systems are very reliable for our customers.

Firstly user selects the guarantee options. Buyers can choose one from two options due to very personalized approach:
  • one year warranty, with one technical-warranty inspection during this period,
  • two years warranty, with four technical reviews.
Secondly each customer, who purchases the product directly from HYVA, during the warranty period is guided by the Hyva Warranty System Administrator (HWSA). This person checks if up to four weeks after the purchase the buyer received warranty book, if equipment is working properly and if there are any questions or comments.  Customer is also asked to declare which warranty option he selects.
During warranty period HWSA is informing customer about approaching technical review (the user does not have to remember to monitor this) to a book visit in one of several HYVA authorized services on the given territory. Customer can, of course, also do this himself - check our map of authorized services and ask your regional dealer about program availability in your country.
As the situation on the market is sometimes difficult to predict  (can happen that customer will change transport profile – as a result product will not be in use) companies choosing two year warranty option may at any time resign from it and stay in one year warranty only.
Some customers question the need to perform warranty – technical inspections arguing this position the simplicity of system and reliability of our products. Of course we welcome such opinion about our products. Goal of guarantee inspection is the early detection of irregularities, resulting from product defects, errors in the use and lack of regular maintenance. This avoids costly and unexpected repairs, which with little price of such inspections, makes it very recommended.
So trivial task as measuring the maximum oil pressure at the valve allows us to determine the correct operation of the valve and the system is not feasible for many due to lack of proper tools or knowledge.
Inspection costs are relatively low and number of service points so high, that 98% of customers perform inspections  on the occasion of the carriage of goods to destination point. Guarantee inspections make our product “safe”, that can be used for many years, which translates into satisfied users. Among the users of kits type HYDRIVE the majority of buyers chooses a two-years warranty.
The end-user, who purchased our products through 3rd party resellers, should check if he received HYVA service warranty book. This document contains in addition to the instruction manual also the description of principles of maintenance and warranty card. When buying our products through other companies we do not have the end-user data. It is in the interest of the end-user to contact us on guarantee options.
Please note that the warranty booklet is an important document. In the absence thereof, or lost, please report immediately to HWAS.
In all matters relating to the warranty please contact your HYVA regional dealer.

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