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Fuel tanks


Hyva offers a set of high quality fuel tanks. Each of fuel tanks supplied by us is certified in the EU. Fuel tanks are supplied in the kit with the following items:
  • steel supports,
  • rubber straps,
  • steel straps (for steel fuel tanks) or stainless steel straps (for aluminium fuel tanks),
  • fuel cap (in tanks of aluminum cap with key),
  • opening for gauges level according to “VDO system”,
  • product approval and homologation certificate.

In addition, the combined tank has a suction adapter and an oil filter mounting ring.
Our tanks may be used practically in all types of vehicles: DAF, IVECO, MAN, MERCEDES, NISSAN, RENAULT, SCANIA, VOLVO.

Download catalogue in PDF: Fuel tanks
Download catalogue in PDF: Fuel tanks and hydraulic oil tanks - COMBITANK

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