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Hyva exhibits at IAA 2016 with leading products from it's Tipping Solutions, Container Handling and Crane ranges
Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands,  4 August 2016.  Hyva, a leading global provider of transport solutions for the commercial vehicle and environmental service industries, will display leading products from its Tipping Solutions, Container Handling and Crane ranges at IAA 2016 in Hannover, Germany on 22-29 September.
This year, Hyva will have two stands: one inside (Hall 26, Stand C11) and one outside (FG, stand N65). IAA 2016 will be the 66th edition of the world’s leading International Trade Fair for Mobility, Transportation and Logistics.

Tipping Solutions

Hyva’s Alpha Series front end tipping solutions, for Construction, Transportation and Mining applications, are lighter, faster, safer and more efficient.
The total system – cylinder, brackets and wet kit – has been re-designed and re-engineered for higher efficiency and safer operating at lower cost. The new cylinders are smaller, lighter, stronger, operate at higher pressure and consume less oil. Brackets are stronger and lighter. Wet kits have improved knock-off and control options, cylinder mounted tipping valves, new tank and filter options, and, pumps operating at up to 250 bar. The range includes Standard and Heavy Duty (HD) cylinders.
These improvements deliver faster tipping, shorter cycle times and reduced system size and weight which can translate into more efficient working routines, increased payloads and reduced operating costs.
                                         Next generation Alpha Series

The renewed KR range of underbody cylinders includes a quality upgrade to maximise the cylinder lifetime. The cylinders are all Hyva branded with Hyva design type plates. 
The KR range for 2-way and 3-way tippers are designed to operate in medium and heavy duty conditions. With the high working pressure of 275 bar, the cylinders have a lifting force up to 38 tons. Each cylinder is fitted with a three-way tipping system cradle, special hinges and a tipping angle limiter.
There are two different types of cylinders available in the range – KRA cylinders (used for trailer applications) and KRM cylinders (used for rigid applications).
The KR range is part of our complete Underbody range to match your application:
  • UL range for light duty trailers and vans
  • UM range for medium duty trucks and (agri) trailers
  • KR range for heavy duty trucks and (agri) trailers

Container Handling 

Hyva’s extensive range of hookloaders and skiploaders provides transport efficiency solutions for all container handling applications.
The hookloaders range from lightweight 3.5 tonnes Van chassis cabs right through to 50+ tonnes gvw ten wheelers. As with all Hyva equipment, our hookloaders are strong, robust and inherently safe to use. Advanced design and built with premium specification materials, Hyva hookloaders also maximises payload potential.
Being able to drop and recover all sizes and types of containers in almost any working environment gives our hookloaders a huge operating advantage. And, the versatility is increased with a wide range of options including drawbar packages, on-board weighing, tool boxes, extra lighting, reversing cameras, audible warning systems and finished painting.
The range is led by the new TITAN ‘boltable’ hookloader, a durable, lightweight system available in different lengths and capacities. The modular, fully bolted, rather than welded, construction reduces installation and maintenance times. And, the lower system weight and height and increased operating speed can deliver payload and productivity improvements. The TITAN has proved its value in a wide range of end user applications including municipal waste collection and recycling, construction waste removal and materials supply, and, movement of agricultural supplies and produce.
The comprehensive range of skiploader platforms are suited to a wide variety of truck chassis, whether a simple 7.5 tonne truck or a full-spec 44 tonne drawbar vehicle, in each and every market segment. Units are built for safe and easy remote controlled operation, as well as strength, durability and long term reliability. Not only that, but Hyva skiploaders include a range of standard and optional specifications. The result is a complete skiploader package that suits the needs of both truck driver and operator alike for the collection and transportation of materials such as industrial waste, building rubble, scrap metal and household rubbish.
The new 14 ton telescopic TITAN skiploader, the TG2014TAXL, features an integrated subframe to optimise the weight and capacity ratio. The ‘boltable’ subframe and accessories ensure easier and quicker mounting on the chassis. The system is delivered in high quality, factory-finished paint. New hydraulics deliver faster cycle times through higher pressure and smaller cylinders.
The actuation of the skiploader has improved both safety and ease of operation. Two hand control and Titan Radio Remote (TRR) is now standard and ensures easier and safer operation. The skiploader includes the hydraulic locking system, ensuring that the container is securely clamped to the skip loader and provides maximum load security) and, the sheeting system, ensuring that the container load is covered. The sheeting system can be safely operated by the driver from ground level, as an option.
This high-strength, high-durability, lower weight skiploader is optimised to allow quicker operating times and offers the best telescopic reach on the market. This reach makes it easier to pick up/load/offload containers which are parked in the most difficult situations and on the most difficult locations.
The Hyva Autosheet System is a simple solution to covering all sizes of container. It is quick, simple and safe to operate from ground level, keeps loading times to a minimum and contributes to a clean environment.

Hookloader and Skiploader products on display will include:
TITAN Hookloader T18-47-S in combination with our HZ150 recycling crane
TITAN Hookloader T18-60-S on a Volvo and T18-57-S on a MAN
TITAN Skiploader TG2014TAXL on an Iveco


Hyva’s extensive range of cranes includes Hyva Crane, Kennis, F.lli Ferrari and Amco Veba brands. 
Hyva Crane
Recently launched new generation 13-16tm cranes will be displayed alongside other well established lines, including specialist cranes for recycling applications. 

New generation cranes are stronger, lighter and more compact. Modularity of design in individual models and across lines contributes to ease of use, ease of maintenance, consistency of spare parts and reduced training requirements. 
A wide range of accessories are available to optimise the crane for different applications. 

                                         New crane line

The new cranes have been designed, in cooperation with industrial design consultants, to arrive at a ‘functional aesthetic’ – a product form which not only looks good but is underpinned by a robust structural design, build and test process which ensures performance, quality and safety in every function of the crane.
Two innovative features of these cranes, which improve driver attention and safety, save time and can increase productivity are:
Dynamic Load Diagram, totally new in the truck-mounted crane industry, which allows the driver to verify in advance the crane lifting capacity based on the truck stability; and,
Magic Touch which allows the driver to open automatically the crane from transport position to working position and back to transport position when required.
A new, ergonomically designed control panel with a 7” colour display makes the cranes easy to use and delivers safer and more comfortable operating conditions for the driver.
Hyva's truck-mounted cranes range in load capacity from 1 to 80 ton metres, in a variety of configurations including telescopic, articulated, double linkage and compact boom. There are models to suit most applications in a variety of industry sectors, including Construction, Logistics, Oil & Gas and Mining. All models (except HBR line, HB460, HB700) fully conform to CE safety standards.
  • HA line: 1 to 10 ton metre class, telescopic cranes for customers who need a crane which is compact, light and easy to operate.
  • HV line: 3 to 22 ton metre class, compact articulated cranes, simple to operate, with high lifting capacity. 
  • HB line: 3 to 70 ton metre class, articulated cranes, most versatile and user-friendly, simple, efficient and robust
  • HC Line: 10 to 80 ton metre class, high performance articulated double linkage cranes. Made for heavy duty users who require ultimate precision and lifting capacity. Packed with innovations, the HC line offers a wide range of accessories.
  • HZ line: 8 to 27 ton metre class, B4 cranes with specialized models for Recycling applications (HZR) and Timber applications (HZT). Both HZR and HZT are available with 2 boom types; L boom (not foldable) and Z boom (foldable)
  • HT line: 13 tm and 16 tm class telescopic boom cranes. Designed to be used in car recovery and in all other applications where a compact, light and easy to operate crane is needed. 
Kennis Crane 
The Kennis range of roll-loader cranes delivers quality and outstanding performance, from 14 to 40 ton metre class. The roller concept lets user work in a bigger area with a lower capacity crane and always be close to the load. The cranes are fast and light, giving a shorter loading time and allowing a higher payload. The cranes can be removed from the trailer and can be moved from one trailer to another.
Kennis K16-R/84-4, 14 tm class with 4 hydraulic extensions and a wide range of features. And, as as attachment, an adjustable power clamp designed to handle bricks. 
We are proud to present our complete range of 13-16tm class cranes at the 66th edition of the IAA: 
HC131X E3: A 13 tm top performance class crane, with double linkage boom system made for complex lifting applications and high demanding users. The crane will be equipped with a safety, ergonomic and easy-to-use radio remote control. HC131X will be showen in the Hyva indoor stand, other Hyva Cranes will be showen in the outdoor area.
HT162: A 16 tm class telescopic boom crane designed to be used in car recovery and in all other applications where a compact, light and easy to operate crane is needed. 
HB130: A 13 tm class articulated boom cranes. Perfect solution for cost and performance in loading and unloading operations. 
HC173: A 17 tm class crane equipped with double linkage boom system. Made for complex lifting applications and high demanding users. This crane is equipped with the LCS (Lift Control System) which increase the capacity of the crane up to 10% by reducing the speed when the crane is near its maximum lifting capacity. 
HC131K: A 13 tm class crane with short boom and double linkages. Designed for high loads delivery and installation on compact wheelbase trucks. This model is optimized for the use in construction applications. 
In addition to the new line, we will also shown our best sellers:
HA33: Thanks to their extremely compact dimension all cranes in the HA series are projected to be mounted on small equipment such as: cat trailer, tracked vehicle, pickup, small trucks and stationary mounting. The crane exhibit is mounted on a small commercial vehicle, this type of crane is very common in the Western European market. 
HZR150 Z0: 15 tm class, included in our HZ line. The version exposed is for recycling application, equipped with top seat with Joystick and pedals, equipped with a grab for metal scrap handling. The Z0 is a top class foldable crane for heavy duty recycling applications which has the following features:
  • Double Slewing System: This system increase the Strenght by doubling the number of racks and cylinders. Moreover it is more Reliable and Precise due to the fact that it spreads the force across twice as many teeth on the pinion. 
  • Controls: The double circuit allows top Speed movements when multifunctions are opearated simultaniusly. 
  • Boom System: The boom system has been designed specifically for the extreme working conditions of the recycling applications and to achieve the longest outreach and highest extension speeds

Crane products on display will include:
Hyva Crane
HA33 designed to be installed on pick-up trucks, small lorries and special vehicles such as road trailers or small tracked vehicles.
HV77 dedicated for NOT CE market. A CE version is also available for WE and CEE markets.
HB130 designed to be installed on GVW 5 ton truck and other commercial vehicles.
HC161 16tm class with double linkages and 2 hydraulic extensions
HZR 150 Z02 097 combination comprises an 18ton hookloader with an HZR 150 crane, equipped with a 240 litre capacity asymmetric grapple, mounted on a three axle truck.  
K16-R/84-4, 14 ton meter class with 4 hydraulic extensions and a wide range of features. And, as as attachment, an adjustable power clamp designed to handle bricks:
About Hyva Group
Hyva Group is a leading global provider of innovative and highly efficient transport solutions for the commercial vehicle and environmental service industries. The company is committed to the development, production, marketing and distribution of components used in hydraulic loading and unloading systems on trucks and trailers. Its products are used worldwide across a range of sectors including transport, construction, mining, materials handling and environmental services providers.
Hyva produces the strongest front end hydraulic telescopic cylinder in the world, double acting cylinders, mobile and static compactors and waste collection units. Hyva's portfolio comprises: Hydraulics (cylinders and tipping gear), Container Handling Systems (hook and skip loaders), Waste Handling (transfer stations, compactors and refuse collection bodies), Floors (horizontal unloading/loading floors) and Cranes (fixed and rolling). These products are designed and marketed under several well respected brands: Hyva, Kennis, F.lli Ferrari and Amco Veba. Hyva is also a distributor of high value components.
Founded in 1979 in The Netherlands, Hyva has significant manufacturing facilities in Brazil, China, Germany, India and Italy. Operating in more than 130 countries the company has more than 2,000 employees around the world, encompassing 39 subsidiaries and 13 production facilities. Hyva has more than 25,000 customers.


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