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Hyva Brasil: sale 2,000 Hyva Floor

Hyva Floors (made by Cargo Floor) have been commercialized by Hyva do Brasil since 2003.

The business has grown rapidly. Sales reached 1,000 units in May 2017, and now, only two and a half years later in October 2019, sales have reached 2,000 units. This acceleration in rate of sales is testament to the quality of the product and to the expertise and determination of the commercial team at Hyva.

As Carlos Zugno, Commercial Manager Hyva do Brasil, explained, “We are exceptionally proud of our commercial team at Hyva and we also recognise the important role played by the trailer manufacturers with whom we have formed strategic partnerships. Together, working with a high-quality product, they have driven the exponential growth which has taken us from sales of one thousand to two thousand units in only two and a half years.”

Hyva Floor horizontal loading and unloading systems are used to transport bulk materials, pallets, agricultural products or general cargo. Predominantly used in vehicle trailers, they can also be used in stationary applications.