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Hyva MEA first established a presence in the MEA region more than 30 years ago. From its modest beginnings in the heart of the Arab world, the company has expanded rapidly and now has offices and agents across the 55 countries in the MEA region - from Turkey, Central Asia,  Morocco in the west, down to South Africa, and all across the Gulf area.

          Hyva MEA- Dubai

Hyva is a global multinational company founded in the Netherlands in 1979. The company is committed to the development, production, marketing and distribution of components for the commercial vehicle industry. All Hyva components are made to meet global market demands in terms of quality, price, availability and after sales service.
The company has well equipped manufacturing facilities in Brazil, China, Germany, India, Italy and the Netherlands.
Hyva markets and distributes components that are developed and produced by manufacturing facilities across the world.

These products include:
• Telescopic front cylinders for trucks and trailers for tipping applications;
• A wide range of under body three way cylinders;
• Fixed mounted and rolling truck cranes;
• Container lifting systems such as hook loaders and skip loaders;
• Mobile and static compactors and other garbage collecting units.

Hyva also distributes many components that are sourced from third parties and sold under private Hyva-label or under the brand name of the manufacturer.
Operating in more than 130 countries the company has more than 2.000 employees around the world, encompassing 41 subsidiaries and 13 production facilities. Hyva has more than 25.000 customers.

As a supplier Hyva offers a wide range of technical products and components, mainly used in connection with hydraulic loading and unloading systems on trucks and trailers for the road transportation industry in on- and off-road applications. Hyva is also an important player in the manufacturing and supply of compactors and waste collecting units for the environmental services industry.


Solutions for Industries

  • Waste
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Marine

Product Solutions

  • Hydraulics
  • Container Handling
  • Cranes
  • Moving Floors

Hyva Companies

  • Hyva Holding
  • Hyva International
  • Hyva Pacific Pvt. Lt...
  • Hyva Belgium N.V.

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