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HYVA Hydraulic cylinders - Series FC, FE
Front end cylinders

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FC and FE series of HYVA’s telescopic front end cylinders are designed for dump trucks and tipping semitrailers. The latest generation of HYVA cylinders links our rich and long experience with the latest technologies and materials.

Each element of HYVA cylinder is made of carefully selected and converted material - in contrast to other cylinders with monolithic structure, where the individual elements are made from one piece of material in the machining process, which results in unnecessary waste. However - in the HYVA cylinders - tubes, rings and thrust bearings are made from a specially selected high quality steel, which makes them more resistant to overload, allowing to be operated in the extreme conditions. HYVA company as the first manufacturer in the world has applied innovative technologies of seamless DOM pipes with a very high accomplishment precision.

Characteristics of cylinders:

  • durability, even in the harshest conditions,
  • strength, resistance to overload,
  • optimal weight and oil working volume demand,
  • high speed, short tipping time.

These advantages were confirmed in hundreds of thousands cylinders working around the world, in all weather conditions, confirming Hyva as the world leader in the production of telescopic cylinders.


Turning to global trends: less weight of cylinder means more payload capacity, which results in costs reduction. HYVA cylinders are made of high-grade steel that ensures the highest operational parameters during unloading. Reduced diameter of cylinders causes unit weight savings and reduces oil working capacity.

HYVA cylinders characteristics:

  • low weight of complete cylinder with oil (the lightest cylinders on the market),
  • small working volume of the cylinder,
  • optimal time for lifting and lowering,
  • cylinders stages are made of pipe in DOM technology (high precision seamless pipe),
  • stop rings and sliders are made of high quaa lity materials having characteristics matching extreme loads,
  • wiper seal acts as a protection and sealing,
  • main seals are protected from deformation,
  • maintenance-free, durable construction,
  • elimination of stress concentration by suitably designed structure,
  • require no maintenance - no lubrication points,
  • inlet port with SAE flange for direct valves mounting,
  • chrome-plated piton rod,
  • special opening for transport hinge.

Download catalogue in PDF: FC and FE Cylinders


HYVA also offers lock accessories for driving without a load. Fell free to ask our salesman for more details.


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