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  • SOLUTION approach to Technology

    Alpha Series is more than a cylinder.

    The whole hydraulic system – cylinder and wetkit components – has been re-designed and re-engineered.

    SEGMENTATION approach to Markets

    Customer opinion and requirements for different applications have been evaluated and used to design and build a solution range for each market segment – Construction, Transportation and Mining.


    Technology and marketing have combined to produce a new hydraulic solution which is truly next generation. The ALPHA Series solution will increase Hyva’s competitive advantage in tipping solutions and deliver performance, efficiency and value to our customers.

The ALPHA Series extends and consolidates Hyva's record of innovation and leadership in front end cylinders. This is the fifth generation of front end tipping solutions which Hyva has brought to market in the last 30 years. Development has focused on optimising transport efficiency, safety and reliability for the typical duty and conditions prevailing in each market segment.

Complete hydraulic system

  • Every component of the hydraulic system has been evaluated and, where necessary, re-designed, re-engineered and validated through component and full scale lab testing to build an optimised system capable of operating at higher pressures, up to 250 bar.

    Best performance is achieved with a complete system installation – a new cylinder design together with a new hydraulic tank, cylinder-mounted HT valve and gear pump.

    The result is a solution which is lighter, faster, safer and more efficient.

  • Lower dead weight higher payload
    Faster tipping and lowering shorter cycle time
    Longer service intervals increased operating time
    Safer and more reliable reduced downtime
    Cost effective can reduce operation costs
    Lower oil and fuel consumption environmentally friendly

Tried and tested



The new ALPHA Series represents the fifth generation of front end tipping solutions brought to the tipper truck market by Hyva over a period of three decades.

The intensive engineering programme for the ALPHA tipping system resulted in the following revolutionary developments:

  • A totally new cylinder design, with changes to virtually every component apart from the sealing system.
  • A new hydraulic tank of a capacity exactly matched to the cylinder volume, with reinforced body and strap mounting to avoid high stress concentration in the tank at the mounting points, and featuring an optimised air breather system. Not only is it a functional improvement, its smart lines will enhance the appearance of any tipper truck.
  • An innovative cylinder-mounted HT valve incorporating a new, highly reliable and stable pressure relief valve for maximum safety.
  • A new gear pump with even greater reliability over a wider pressure range than the existing Hyva gear pump.

Hydraulic kit, cylinder and wetkit

available in Standard or Heavy duty version. Both model now with higher operating pressure
faster, shorter cycle time
cylinder mounted
optimised control
cast iron
different bearing options available
lower weight
higher pressure
cilinder overview
forged steel and cast iron
different bearing options available
lower weight
optimised oil and air flow
standard and optional heavy duty version
new design
reinforced body
strap mounted
oil volume balanced to cylinder
stronger, lighter, more reliable

Hydraulic cylinders, standard and heavy duty, for construction, transportation and mining

Cylinder Diameters  
cilinder diameters
  • New internal components enabling higher operating pressure, up to 250 bar
  • New diameters
  • Upgraded sliders, stop rings and bottom plates
  • Standard and Heavy Duty (HD) versions

New cylinder diameters (118, 137, 157 and 179mm) in combination with the operating pressure at 250 bar have not only increased the range but also the optimisation of tipping solutions to specific applications.

The range includes Standard and Heavy Duty (HD) cylinders. HD cylinders have larger overlaps and stop and lift faces which have been redesigned to permit exceptionally high tipping and lowering speeds.




Solutions bringing reduced weight and faster tipping to on-road rigids and trailers.

And, improved stability, safety and reliability to off-road, heavy duty rigids and trailers.


Solutions bringing reduced weight to trailers.

And more stability to silo trailers and improved safety and durability to heavy duty trailers.


Solutions bringing higher tipping speeds together with improved stability, safety and durability to off-road, heavy duty rigids.

Solutions for Industries

  • Waste
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Marine

Product Solutions

  • Hydraulics
  • Container Handling
  • Cranes
  • Moving Floors

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