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Our Commitment To Corporate Social Responsibility 

Ever since we were established in the Netherlands three decades ago Hyva has been committed to responsible manufacturing, care for our employees and, beyond this, to responsible behaviour towards both the communities in which we operate and where our products are used. Every member of Hyva’s worldwide family is expected to behave responsibly on an individual basis and as a representative of Hyva.

Hyva is a global business and we understand that we have an obligation to all the communities in which we operate. In particular, the Board of Hyva is determined to pursue three goals to fulfil this obligation. The first goal is to ensure comprehensive, globally consistent safety practices that protect all our employees. The second goal is to take measures to minimise waste and reduce the impact of our operations on the environment. The third goal is to behave as a responsible and constructive long term partner of the communities in which Hyva operates. 


Hyva has a global workforce of more than 2.000 employees and the safety of these employees is our main priority. Our policy is to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for all our employees, and to provide the information, training and supervision required for this purpose.

An extensive range of safety measures is in place, and is applied rigorously both at our own sites and at our supplier locations.

The allocation of duties for safety matters and the particular arrangements made to implement Hyva policy are set out within job descriptions, instructions and quality manuals. There is a common, global, approach to the enforcement of Hyva’s safety standards that extends to our suppliers as well as our own operators. This policy is kept up to date as the business changes in size and expands into new markets. Our safety guidelines, and the way they are implemented, are reviewed annually. In addition Hyva complies as a minimum to all legal requirements.


Our management team strives to minimise the environmental impact of our operations by implementing suitable clean and cost-efficient processes and technologies. For example in 2008 a comprehensive Environmental Management System is being developed by Hyva Technamics with certification and full implementation expected to be completed and applied throughout the Hyva Group by 2010.

All Hyva Group operations employ lean and sophisticated production methods introduced for cost and quality reasons, but also offering substantial benefits in terms of reduced environmental impact. 

The use of returnable and reusable packaging whenever offered by any of our main OEM customers, and the introduction of a waste registration system at some sites demonstrate Hyva's commitment to the reduction of waste beyond the manufacturing process itself. This can have substantial cost and environmental benefits. 

We aim to make our products as light as possible, whilst maintaining their efficiency and durability, reducing the quantity of material used and thereby reducing fuel consumption of trucks. Our products are best in class in this respect, illustrated by our FLASH cylinders that facilitate short tipping cycles, in turn leading to reduced fuel consumption.
The planned introduction of a comprehensive system will enable a full audit of the environmental impact of all Hyva’s production processes and products. It is expected to yield significant benefits.

Hyva is targeting the implementation of the environmental standard ISO 14001. This encompasses a series of international standards on environmental management, providing a framework for the development of a comprehensive environmental management system.


Our obligations to our employees include providing them with a comfortable and supportive working environment, in addition to helping them in the development of their technical and professional skills. This involves a commitment to both ongoing employee in-house training and sponsored enrolment on external courses. Our policy is to develop internal employees wherever possible and promote from within into senior managerial positions and other roles. The expansion of our business means that such career growth is a realistic possibility for many of our administrative and shop floor staff. 

Hyva is committed to being an equal opportunities employer. Our employment policy aims to ensure that all staff are employed on the basis of ability and all employees receive equal treatment. All Hyva employees worldwide are obliged to fully adhere to local regulations. 

Hyva aims to be a committed long term partner in each of the communities within which it operates.

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