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The Mobile Compactors (MC) are closed systems to compact and store waste which can be placed at any location and do not require ground fixing or housing in a special building. These compactors have high volumetric efficiency and compaction ratio, rubber seals and power pack with frequency control design. These features deliver many benefits, including: faster compaction; no leakage; better hygiene; higher payload; lower energy consumption; lower noise and, easier maintenance.

The MC line comprises three families – the MC060, MC100 and MC150 which have theoretical volumetric capacities of 68, 105 and 125m3/h respectively. Each family has several model variants. And, the new range of compactors can match with different collection methods such as manual carts, tricycles, small tippers, small hook and skip loaders, rear collection vehicles and waste bins. 

Features & Benefits

Improved industrial design – structural, ergonomic and aesthetic – is evident in the following features:
• Quality, high tensile steels which reduce weight and increase the payload.
• Round shaped container, is stronger
• Better filling, and more payload
• Spherical shaped rear door which has a lower weight.
• Crusher with unique shape which achieves a higher density per cubic metre.
• Improved ergonomics.
These features combine to deliver higher payload and contribute to longer lifetimes and lower operating and service costs

New and improved components combine to create a better, higher performance system. These include:
• New, high power intelligent drive unit with fewer parts, lower maintenance cost and for better serviceability
• Hydraulic cylinders with heavy duty seals and specially plated rods with resistance against acid environments.
• Drain taps which are 3” as standard, no blockages.
• Rear door locking outside the container to secure the locking and closing of the container.
• Unique boltable seals, fully sealed with no leakage and easy serviceability.
• High power intelligent drive unit, load sensing, this allows the system, when empty, to operate at higher speed with lower compacting force, and when full, to operate at lower speed with higher compaction. The result is greater capacity, faster compaction and a higher compaction ratio.

These features combine to deliver reduced energy consumption, lower noise, no leakage, easier serviceability and contribute to longer lifetimes and lower operating and service costs. Overall, a system which is operator and environmentally friendly.


The Compactors, which can be used for household or commercial waste in a variety of urban and rural locations, are available in top loading, tipping and tip cart loading configurations. Colour variants from the standard ‘traffic yellow and black’ are also available, for example, green with black or white with green, and, special colours can be requested as an option.

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