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The Micro SC line comprises two families – the SC160 and the larger and more fully featured SC200 which have theoretical volumetric capacities of 154 and 226 m3/h respectively, and, in different container sizes from 6m3 to 12 m3. Each family has several model variants with options to equip the compactor to meet different applications.

The second of three product lines in the new generation C-Line Compactors, the Micro Static Compactors (Micro SC) are distinguished by features including:
• Top blade compaction mechanism (unique in the world) which pushes material down vertically and then horizontally and avoids waste 
can fall outside
• High tensile, abrasion resistant steels for longer lifetime
• Fewer components easy for maintenance
• Lightweight container, more payload on a 4x2 hookloader vehicle
• Boltable fixings for easy locating the machine
• High performance door seals, 100% sealed container
• Electronic control (IP65) with ergonomic, large screen control panel

These features deliver many benefits, including: higher volumetric capacity; faster compaction; no spillage or leakage; better hygiene; reduced pollution; smaller footprint; higher available payload on 4x2 vehicles; easier and quicker installation, service and maintenance; longer operating life; increased operator safety; and, low energy consumption per ton of waste.


The Compactors, which have applications in distribution centres and waste transfer stations, are available in top loading and tip cart loading configurations. Colour variants from the standard ‘traffic yellow and black’ are also available.

In capacity terms, these Micro Static Compactors are positioned between the more limited capacity Mobile Compactors and the much larger capacity Medium Static Compactors.

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