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Medium Static Compactors 


The Medium SC line comprises two types – the SC260 which can be configured for top and tipcart loading, and, the larger SC350 which can be configured for top loading, with or without push-pit. Each type can be equipped with different container sizes from 16m3 to 28m3. The compactors can match with different collection methods such as manual carts, electrical tricycles, motor tricycles, hook loaders, tippers, micro collection vehicles, rear collection vehicles and skip loaders. And, they can receive different kinds of waste such as paper, cardboard, household, green waste, kitchen waste and light construction waste.

Features & Benefits

More payload
Increased payload is made possible by the lightweight structure and round shape (up to 100% filling) of the container, together with the high compaction force.

Better sealing
The system is fully sealed to avoid any spillage or pollution of the environment. New boltable rear door rubber has special sealing feature and is easier to replace.

More reliable
High tensile materials give higher resistance to abrasion. Precision manufacturing of compaction housing and crusher block prevents waste from moving behind the crusher.

More stability
Increased stability of the compaction created by new U-shaped crusher block and compaction housing, together with new cylinder arrangement.

Flexible configuration
The system can be configured for different types of loading and different container sizes. And, it can be matched to different collection methods and receipt of different types of waste.

These features deliver many benefits including: faster compaction; faster cycle times; higher payloads; no visible waste and no leakage; better hygiene; longer lifetime, and,
easier installation, service and maintenance.


Medium Static Compactors are commonly used in Waste Transfer Stations, located inside or underground in a building. Hyva’s design and build service has completed many successful Waste Transfer Station  installations in China, India and other countries, dealing with waste throughputs of 100 to 2,000 tons per day. In addition to the compactor and containers, transfer station installations can include: weighing bridges, ventilation and anti-smell systems, high speed rolling doors, high pressure cleaning equipment and intelligent operating and control systems.

In capacity terms, these Medium Static Compactors are positioned above the Mobile Compactors and the larger capacity Micro Static Compactors. The fourth compactor line is the Mega Static Compactor.

Download the New C-Line Medium Static Compactor brochure in PDF >>

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