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How to become a Hyva Supplier? 

Extremely simple!

In order to become one of our suppliers a simple RFI form should be submitted to one of our purchasing managers (see the list in the Purchasing Contacts section).

If your company profile meets Hyva’s criteria, you will be contacted by one of our purchasing managers for further discussions*.

The selection process will typically involve the following steps:

  • - Benchmark quotations
  • - Quality audit
  • - Grant of an “Evaluate” status if both previous steps are validated
  • - RFP's
  • - Sourcing committee
  • - Business award if selected

Further to those steps, if you have been granted an “evaluate” status for more than 6 months, are in business with Hyva, and your performance has been consistently matching our quality/cost/delivery standards, you will be moved to our list of preferred suppliers. You will be notified that you are now officially part of the Hyva suppliers panel.

For more information on how our suppliers panel is managed, please see below the supplier panel status and the supplier panel status evolution process.

* feedback time may vary due to the number of processed applications.

Hyva Supplier Status

Hyva Supplier Status Evolution

Solutions for Industries

  • Waste
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Marine

Product Solutions

  • Hydraulics
  • Container Handling
  • Cranes
  • Moving Floors

Hyva Companies

  • Hyva Holding
  • Hyva International
  • Hyva Pacific Pvt. Lt...
  • Hyva Belgium N.V.

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