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Hyva Cranes offers you a wide product range, all cranes are produced in state of the art production facilities with dedicated research and

development teams who are supported by the most advanced CAD equipment on the market today. 

For more information about our complete line of cranes, please visit www.hyvacrane.com






From 1 to 18 tm class

Line of telescopic cranes, made to satisfy customers in need of a crane which is compact, lights and easy to operate.



Easy to operate


From 3 to 22 tm class

When looking for a compact articulated crane, simple to operate, with high capacity, HV line is the perfect for cost and performance.


High capacity

Perfect combination of cost and performance


From 3 to 70 tm class

The most versatile and user-friendly crane, simple, efficient and robust.

User friendly





From 10 to 80 tm class

Best in class articulated cranes.
For heavy users who require ultimate precision and lifting capacity.
Packed with innovation, the HC line offers a wide range of accessories beside the already standard incorporated features.

Highly innovative

Ultimate precision

High lifting capacity



Specialized Crane Line for Recycling application.

Foldable (Z) and not Foldable (L) versions available

One stop solution in combination with Hyva hookloader and attachments

Wide range of model and versions perfectly suitable for scrap and container handling applications from 8 to 25 tm

Top Speed Performance

High flexibility

Safe and Protected



Specialized Crane for Timber application

Foldable (Z) and not Foldable (L) versions available

Wide range of model, versions and accessories perfectly suitable for wood transport applications from 4 to 27tm

Top Speed Performance

High flexibility

Safe and Protected



M serie cranes for marine and fixed applications from 1 up to 80 tm.
  • Special anti corrosion surface preperation and painting procedure.
  • Square base with double rack an pinion system.
    Powerful rotation system especially designed for marine conditions.
  • Stationary base for easy installation on vessel.
  • Counterbalance valves are direct mounted to each cylinder.





Kennis Roller cranes allow the driver to cover a wide area around the truck with a limited number of extensions.
  • crane is closer to the load
  • shorter loading time
  • smaller crane allowing a higher payload
  • crane can be removed from trailer
  • crane can be moved to another trailer

Hyva Crane Spares


A new 24 hour spare parts service is now available.

The web-based service is available on a global basis through all Hyva subsidiaries, for all HyvaCrane spare parts.
Hyva dealers and end customers can place their orders with their local Hyva subsidiary as usual and parts will be shipped directly to a requested location.
Orders received will be confirmed within half a day. In
Western Europe, all common spare parts can be delivered within 24 hours. In all other regions, all common spare parts orders can be ready for shipment within 24 hours.

Shipping options

The service provided by Hyva has, through significant investment in its crane production
facility in Italy, been made possible through a new automated warehouse with extensive
technology, systems and software upgrades.

These upgrades include:
- Increased spare parts stock
- Improved stock holding facilities
- Updated ERP software
- Web-based ordering system
- Direct communication to TNT for instant pricing and fast shipment

Contact your local Hyva subsidiary now to discuss your requirements or place your order.
From 1 to 5 tm class

High quality crane for higher profitability in agriculture

Easy and Safe

Strong and Reliable

Higher productivity



For more information about our complete line of cranes, please visit www.hyvacrane.com

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