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Grapples with HPXdrive

Revolutionary HPXdrive units with variety of different shells for different jobs.

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Clamshell Buckets

Diversity of clamshell buckets with HPXdrive, horizontal cylinder and vertical cylinder.

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Brick Stack Grapples

Parallel squeeze and scissor grab brick stack grapples for palletized and non-palletized materials.

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Pallet forks and universal fork for moving palletized and non-palletized or packet building materials.

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Rock & Timber grapples

Solutions with HPXdrive and horizontal cylinder for moving rocks and timber.

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Orange Peel Grapples

Scrap and waste handling grapple in 120 to 500 liters capacity.

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Positioning tubes and poles with hydraulic attachment.

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Barrier Lifter

Mechanical grapple for fast and convenient handling of concrete barriers and blocks.

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Augers for truck mounted cranes. Solution for drilling holes for fence posts, poles, foundations and landscaping.

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Container Discharge

Hook & Bottle bank discharge unit for container with ring and mushroom system.

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