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 Core Values

In a global and diversified company such as ours, the way in which we work together with employees and business partners is extremely important. With more than 2,000 employees in 38 subsidiaries worldwide, we represent many cultures, experiences and opinions.

Hyva Group is an ambitious and dynamic organization. To preserve our character, as we grow and develop, our organization's entity has been anchored in seven Core Valuesformalised in 2008.

These Core Values serve as a framework to guide the daily actions and decisions of Hyva employees. They set the standards that all Hyva employees must strive to meet in their individual and collective actions.


We are committed to these values and truly believe that by adopting and implementing them, we will lead the company to success in the future, and develop each and every one of our employees.      



Our Core Values:



We are committed, dedicated, enthusiastic, and proud and have the energy to keep Hyva as the no. 1 and make a positive difference both internally and externally to every one that we work with.


Trust & Respect

We value and respect our people in full and have confidence and trust in their abilities to deliver success, and we are fully committed to building lasting quality relationships in all our business dealings with people around the world.


Customer Excellence

We are dedicated to being recognised as the first choice business partner internally and externally and adding value to our customer’s business in many different ways, while always prepared to go the extra mile and treat our customer as a King.



We are real, consistent, transparent and fair in all we do.



We encourage, develop and support our people to take initiative and being accountable for everything they do.


Innovative & Entrepreneurial Spirit

We create, sustain and increase our key differentiators through our expertise, experience and commitment to be the best in class, this through savouring our entrepreneurial spirit.


Social Responsibility

We are committed to responsible manufacturing, care for our employees and, beyond this, to responsible behaviour towards both the communities in which we operate and where our products are used.

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